QUIZ Icha Icha!

By , 31 July, 2008 2:49 AM

In Seinarukana Special Fandisc, NO ONE IS SAFE! No one!

After briefly trying out the Assort part of the game, I went ahead and tried out the quiz, and…oh wow. Hahaha. Some of the portions there are rather hilarious, like Narukana-sama having a temper tantrum in the miko‘s scenario, while some are just completely catered towards you boning the girl you chose. Then again, it’s somewhat balanced out by the quiz portion that you have to go through before you can even indulge in the ichaicha-ing.

Admittedly, I did find above dog girl cute ever since I encountered her in Seinarukana, though that was because of her slightly sarcastic nature. I’ve yet to see the rest of the girls’ scenes, but I’m thinking that they’re going to be pretty similar. Convenient set-up for an H scene with just you and the heroine all alone, and wham. It’s not like you can blame fandiscs for that one, as by its nature, it is intended to be for fans, so it’d be reasonable to expect fan pandering present. Especially in the form of ero scenes.

Not that I’m complaining. It’s just that the ero can be rather awkward. But ah well! REHME WAS HOT, AND SO ARE THE OTHER FINE LADIES (omg want more Ruptna, Katima, Satsuki and Narukana h scenes plz).

7 Responses to “QUIZ Icha Icha!”

  1. manga says:

    Great. Dog girls are always cute, or most of the part anyway. Great choice Hemi.

  2. johnishida says:

    You get to do it with Kira, huh? I wonder if you can do it with Tamaki… Or that Naya’s maid whose name I forgot… There is also the girl from Eien No Aselia, Tomiki was it? Or Euphie >_> Ummm… Yeah, Euphie would be choice but, surely, she ain’t available in this game… Eien No Aselia 3?

  3. Algester says:

    EnA3 will not be happening -_-” ohh yeah tamaki and naya’s maid in the quiz game can be icha icha-ed -_-

  4. Zakarum says:

    Please oh please tell me there is no Euphie route in the fandisc either! lol it would make baby Jesus cry. Oh the other hand, more Narukana scenes would be quite nice!

  5. Hemisphere says:

    Yeah. Aside from Kira (as seen above), you get to do it with Tamaki, the maid, Rachel, the photographer classmate, and even Jatzieta! No Tokimi though.

    Thankfully, no Euphie content in the fandisc, hahaha. Closest you’ll get is the dakimakura!

  6. remotemine says:

    Sigh, the quizzes make me wish I knew how to read Japanese. Yes, savegame to the rescue, but there’s no sense of accomplishment. And I’m extremely disappointed in the (again) lack of Evolia. D:

  7. Hemisphere says:

    Well, true. It’s self-defeating, and I like seeing just how far my knowledge of EnA trivia is!

    Lack of Evolia was also pretty disappointing, but I guess the fans didn’t like her character much for her to not be included? Every minor character is present though, but not Evolia who plays a pretty huge part!

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