Seinarukana Translations!

By , 14 August, 2008 3:12 PM

This’ll be a quick one. If you guys have been looking for translations of Seinarukana for quite some time now, then I recommend this site for you guys. He’s been posting his translations for a while now, and if you’ve always been interested in Seinarukana but couldn’t be bothered to learn Japanese, then this is the next best thing!

I highly recommend checking it out just to get an idea of what happens in each Chapter, as well as how the world of Seinarukana works and the various terminologies involved.

If you find his entries and translations handly, please do leave a message thanking the guy for his efforts! It’s the least you can do, after all, it’s not like he’s doing it for anything.

I’ve been planning to post about this for a long-assed while now, but it took someone from AnimeSuki to finally remind me. Kudos!

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  1. Kresnik says:

    :Added to bookmarks: :D

  2. meganeshounen says:

    I came. Buckets.

    Bookmarked and thanking the chap. :D

  3. Hemisphere says:

    Well that you guys should!

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