Moonlight Cradle

By , 19 August, 2008 3:02 AM

Or if you want the long title, 夜明け前より瑠璃色な-Moonlight Cradle-. Yoake Mae Yori Ruriiro na -Moonlight Cradle-!

The official site is here. Though it’s up, there’s not much information regarding the title aside from the banner image featuring Estel and Feena. I’m thinking that this is going to be the PC conversion of the PS2 conversion of the original Yoakena game, which, while redundant, isn’t entirely unthinkable. Seeing as Estel’s a very popular character, August must have realized the allure of having eroscenes with her. It’s feasible and profitable, and as the entrepreneur saying goes, if it’s feasible and sustainable, then go with it!

…Okay, that’s really the best I can think of as to why they’d re-re-release Yoakena. Hey, I like Estel, and that’s from her character design alone. Aside from being able to ichaicha with Estel, they could possibly add new scenes, ero or not. That’d be a nifty addition, I imagine. Besides, after the awesomeness that was Fortune Arterial (or so I’ve been hearing), it’s good to have some “simpler games once in a while.

For those who haven’t played the console conversion of Yoakena, Yoakena Moonlight Cradle should be a welcome title as it features Estel who was only available there, and for those who have played the PS2 Yoakena, then I image being able to ichaicha Estel is a very huge bonus. I really hope they do add more stuff though!

Now I have a reason to actually play through and finish Yoakena! Either that, or an excuse to slack off and not finish Yoakena, because if it’s going to come out again with a new character and a new route, why bother? Better to wait for the re-re-release to come out as it’s got improvements over the original, right?

Much love for August, Yuzusoft, and Lump of Sugar! Yay! \o/

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  1. meganeshounen says:

    I guess it almost goes without saying that August is going the way of Aquaplus (ToHeart -> ToHeart2 -> ToHeart2 XRATED -> ToHeart2 Another Days)… or worse, Circus (no, I won’t bother listing all of the Da Capo spinoffs here)…

    Which maybe good for milking every possible yen from the franchise, which could also be bad for the plot…

  2. Hemisphere says:

    Not necessarily, no. One title alone doesn’t make it so, and besides, it’s only being re-released twice. The first was the PS2 conversion, and this would make it the second.

    But I don’t mind! Feena and Estel! And being able to ichaicha!


  3. Algester says:

    PLUSS!@!!!! one info you dont have ESTEL!!! is a TSUNDERE!!!! ARGH!!!!! TILL THE END SHE IS STILL TSUN TSUN!!!! ARRRGHHHHGGHHGHGHGG /me coughs from to much overwhelming GAR

  4. Hemisphere says:



    God, getting her name wrong was several shades of embarrassment. I should really take careful note of what I write when I’m god damned sleepy!

  5. randompasserby says:

    can we fast forward a year or something pls o.o

    srsly can’t wait for this

  6. Hemisphere says:

    I know! I can’t wait for it to come out myself, hahaha. Along with other titles like AliveZ, Toushin Toushi 3, Twinkle Crusaders and Tenmu.

    Here’s some more info on Moonlight Cradle!

    Click here.

  7. Zakarum says:

    meganeshounen: I think the best example by far would be the Haruhi Suzumiya franchise… The popularity and merchandise available in Japan is astounding. They keep delaying the second season and pouring out more side crap, which people seem to delightfully buy up to ease the wait. Let’s see they have the original light novels (something I read pre-anime), anime DVDs, OSTs, character CDs, drama CDs, a manga book series, a 4koma book series that just started (admittedly i picked this one up because I love 4koma), fan books, 2 video games, about 100 different figures/dolls/plushies/whatnot, keychains, cellphone-chains, ugh just so much. It’s terrible. And then you have the veritable OCEAN of doujin works.

  8. Mister Merryweather says:

    @Zakarum: Delays on the second season makes Merry a very sad person. I really do not care very much about merchandise except the anime itself and the original light novels which might be a bad combo since both of them have to be released at the exact same time. I really wonder if Kyoto Animation would be able to meet the gigantic expectations of the fans. It might not be as huge if the franchise stopped milking away with loads of stuff.

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