Fortune Arterial

By , 5 September, 2008 10:48 PM

Fortune Arterial! About time that I started my run through with this one. And man, am I pleased.

First off, you’ve got awesome seiyuus involved. Nabatame Hitomi, Shizuka Itou, Taguchi Hiroko, Kanda Rie, all of them with great performances and deliveries in each of their respetive roles, and that’s just to name a few. So far everyone’s voice acting is top-notch, which is just absolutely wonderful to listen to. You’ve also got a pretty good repertoire of BGM music to keep your ears occupied, which helps a lot in enjoying the events. Great assortment of characters that are as likeable as any of Lump of Sugar’s cast!

Second, the game looks gorgeous. The CGs are wonderfully drawn (べっかんこう <3), and the accompanying effects in game fit right in! The interface is easy to navigate, aside from being quite an eye candy, and the dialogue box hardly gets in the way of things.

Thirdly? Personal interest. After hearing Erika for the first time, I initially thought that she was voiced by Shirai Ayano (who voiced Ikaruga Satsuki of Seinarukana). But after listening closer, it turns out that her seiyuu is none other than Kanda Rie, who also voiced Hibarigaoka Yuki (of Braban!)! Having her around is very definitely a welcome thing, as she’s great when it comes to ojousama roles. Plus, there’s also Nabatame Hitomi, Shizuka Itou, and most importantly Taguchi Hiroko (<3333333), all of whom are my most favorite seiyuus.


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  1. meganeshounen says:

    Thanks to Alg, it’s been revealed to me that FA’s plot is pret-tt-ty deep. At least, on the Erika/Shiro/Kiriha/Kaya paths…

    Seriously. I’d love to see a proper animation of this know more about the cast…

  2. Algester says:

    Kaya-route does not exist!!! Y_Y man i wish there was -_-” cause she is just one really really misunderstood mother XD

  3. johnishida says:

    It was about time you started reading this one I would say but, we all have our own pace! Anyway! You will like it! It’s pure awesomeness!

    @Algester: Yeah! They need to release a fandisc with a Kaya route! If there ever is one I will looking forward to see Erika’s reaction! XD

  4. Zakarum says:

    Don’t worry, it’s still in my (massive) backlog too… even though I have already bought a Sendo Erika figure…

  5. Algester says:

    ahh no worries XD the game is in range with thats a normal eroge and a long one since the real end is what we all want to look for unlike yoake’s real end this i can tell you its not a sexfest -_-” so its pure story

  6. Hemisphere says:

    meganeshounen: Yeah, FA is by all accounts epic. Which is why I’m fine with August resting on their laurels; after the win that is Fortune Arterial, coming out with Yoakena Moonlight Cradle is acceptable.

    Algester: I know. Kaya route is nowhere. ;_; And thank god it’s not a sexfest!

    johnishida: True enough! I caught wind of the awesomeness from the beginning alone, and that’s what made me play for quite a long time.

    Zakarum: You and me both. ;_; That figure is awesome no matter how I look at it. ;_;

  7. sterling01 says:

    Fortune Arterial… not a sex fest?

  8. Algester says:

    come on yoake’s true end composes of about 4-5 H scenes as for FA’s true end it only involves 1 H scene and the rest follows a compelling story

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