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Yep, that’s right. More details can be found here.

Basically, it’s a special reservation for both Toushin Toushi 3 and Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de, with special preorder goodies! Apparently Alicesoft and Leaf are teaming up for this one, and while I’m hoping that this teamup goes further than just reservation in the near future, I’m satisfied with this for now. Toushin Toushi 3′s release date has been set for an 11/28 release, so mark that date on your calendars! They’ve also released a benchmark available for download, so you can go ahead and see if your computer can run Toushin Toushi 3.

Speaking of release dates, Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de‘s release date is announced as November 2008, same with Yumina the Ethereal. If both of them are coming out this November, meaning no delays, then I’m expecting them to come out on the 28th as well, seeing as the behavior of eroge companies is to release big-name titles on the same day.

Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de’s got a second demo movie available, this time showcasing the game’s ADV portions. You can download it from the Special section of the site. And that’s it for updates! God I love 2008, this is like the year of the eroges-with-gameplay.

Fuck, my only complaint is that I wish I had time to play Twinkle Crusaders. Been swamped with so much work that I can’t help it.

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  1. bj0rN says:

    yeah~ i was reading this somewhere in a magazine. looking forward to play this since I dun have a PS3 to play TTT. =/

  2. Algester says:

    TC my friend now let my libido handle that but as for work go concentrate on it remember it may cure your bottled up libido -_-” mmMMmm as for omake goodies… cant afford plus for more release date info i still need to check dengeki-hime or comptiq for that but i cant afford them to imports -_-”

  3. serogane says:

    My two favorite companies. Daibanchou and Little Witch Romanesque were fantastic.

  4. m3rryweather says:

    I can so relate with the crazy busy-ness called “real life”. I’m sorely missing my eroge playing time. ;_;

  5. Zakarum says:

    Definitely looking forward to this November, in terms of game releases at least. I really like the look of these new generation 3D cel-shaded look games.

  6. Avisch says:

    These matches always work well for some reason.
    Type-Moon and Nitro+, now this.
    Though…..heh though Alicesoft makes more EROERO^3 than Leaf.

    This is my first comment here. Though I’ve been reading for atleast a month.
    Keep up your blogging!

  7. Hemisphere says:

    I wish they’d work together. On a game.

    That would be so much win I think I would die from hearing the news alone. ;_;

    bj0rn: So do I. ;_; Megiddo and TT3 will heal the wounds, I’m sure they will.

    Algester: Tis not libido I seek in the above games, but greatness! And I am sure that they will deliver!

    serogane: That’s great to hear! I myself loved Daibanchou, along with AliceSoft’s other titles. They’re just so awesome.

    m3rryweather: Same gere. I miss my eroge time too. ;_; What’s worse is that my boss is going to be gone for the next three weeks and I’ll be handling everything. Busy busy three weeks coming up. ;_;

    Zakarum: Yep, I know! They look nice. And November is an awesome month for eroge!

    Avisch: Thanks for the comment! Yeah, AliceSoft is great at handling ero stuff, so it’d be awesome to see a joint collaboration work between these two companies.

  8. Zakarum says:

    天空のユミナも忘れるなよ!可愛いSDちびっ子の戦い!キラキラ萌え萌えだぜ! ~くるぅ~ん~

    By the way, the official caption is “Yumina the Ethereal,” not everlasting, just a heads up!

  9. serogane says:


    I actually found this blog while searching for info on Daibancho. :)

    I’m currently about 23 turns into the national arc (Hard mode) and it’s getting really annoying maintaining morale (I totally didn’t take the morale bar into account during my first play through and it totally messed me up after 25 turns into national; people kept leaving and I couldn’t stop them in time – in the end I had to restart). But still, it’s a very gratifying game when you do get it right.

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