Sudzukuri Banchou!

By , 13 November, 2008 11:28 PM

…I just can’t get that CG out of my head everytime I think of Kunagi-sama! Argh!

Recently I’ve been on a replaying spree, despite me playing Twinkle Crusaders and Prima Stella AND Supreme Candy. Talk about a total lack of concentration. I decided on replaying Sudzukuri Dragon after seeing Merry’s second harem post use a pic from it and being subsequently struck by an overly-powerful wave of nostalgia, one so strong that it made replaying the game a necessary thing instead of something out of curiosity. So, yes.

For those needing a briefer about Sudzukuri Dragon, here it is albeit in a very, very condensed form. Dragons used to be an all-powerful race until their ego got the best of them and they got carried away with oppressing the other races such as humans and beastmen, so these races banded together to whoop the Dragons around and show them a little respect in humility. This ends up with the Dragons almost dying out, with little pureblooded Dragons left, and along with it a disproportionate male to female ratio of one female Dragon to every 16 male Dragon. Mating becomes a very vital necessity, but to further complicate things, women Dragons are rather more powerful than men and are full of pride. They would much rather commit suicide than let an inexperienced Dragon male touch them, as well as kill off their potential partner should they prove unable to meet the female’s expectations.

You play as Brad, a mixed blood Dragon whose job is to prepare his nest in order to woo his fiancee, Ryumis. Ryumis, however, is a very tough customer as she’s killed all of her suitors thus far just from the nest inspection stage alone. Your job is to not only build a nest that would meet her expectations and demands, but also practice your lovemaking skills on your human women captives and offerings, as female Dragon contact is rather impossible. All the while having to defend your nest against unruly adventurers, knights and warriors who either seek fame and glory by killing you, or by looting your cave and freeing your women.

It’s a very fun game, with the emphasis on VERY FUN, with most of it being in the nest design and monster placement. As your Terror rating increases from all the town/castle/fort-raiding that you do, so do the rank of the adventurers who seek to barge into your nest in an attempt to fuck everything up. This entails stronger monsters and better nest designs in order to thwart their efforts and make sure that you suffer little to no losses as possible everytime they raid you. The gameplay’s pretty fun and entertaining, though the main bulk of determining the raid results as well as the town sieges are all determined by how often you can save/load. The factors vary each time you load though, so don’t think that you can just reload from a failed siege or defense thinking that the computer’s going to do the same old thing.

The other bulk of the fun lies in the crazy characters. Brad’s H training with his female captives, both willing and unwilling alike, involves so much hilarity. I don’t know if you guys might find it funny, but I do. He fucks the females until they faint, and his total orgasm count is around five to nine per female. Damn dragons. This of course is all for his attempt to both improve his lovemaking in order to please Ryumis as well as figure out how the whole “fucking” thing works. And his complete unemotional and almost scientific approach to it paints the scenes with a certain level of indifference that I couldn’t help but find it funny.

But fuck Ryumis. My favorite character is none other than Rukuru, the tsundere princess. She gets abducted by Brad in order to hold her hostage and drive away her kingdom’s army from his nest, then he rapes her (he calls it “sampling”) because he thinks that she is somewhat similar to Ryumis in terms of behavior. So he wanted to prepare himself early on. Five orgasms laters, Rukuru’s gone from unwilling defiance to calling him ご主人様, gasping and moaning all the way. After the whole thing, he allows her to go back to her kingdom on the condition that she reduce the presence of her troops around his nest, and to respond and appear immediately in front of him should he summon her. She, of course, responds in a very tsundere manner befitting that of a tsundere ojousama – declaring that his cock was of no consequence to her and that she was not pleased by the whole thing, never mind her drooling from the whole thing and her calling him ご主人様 of her own will. Cue Hemisphere shivering with unadulterated glee here.

Aside from that, there’s also Daibanchou -Big Bang Beat-. I’m replaying it for the nth time in order to go through Senna’s route this time around. I’ve just hit the National portion with the intention of taking over the PGG first but then a simple conversation leads me to remember that this bishoujo exists in this game (said bishoujo is below).

Yes, Takabane Sae. My second favorite heroine in Daibanchou. If Zak’s rankings have Kyoudo Senna in his top spot and Himenomiya Kaen as second place, then I have Tenrou Kunagi as my top heroine and Takabane Sae as my second favorite. Sae is just so…adorable! From being this unlucky ninja whose plans of action in taking down Rouga were always interrupted by this one stupid dog, to a completely loyal and hot bishoujo ninja who would fight ot her last breath in order to protect her Rouga-sama, Sae is an awesome mix of a lovestruck teenager who’s read too many shoujo-ai romance mangas and novels, and an asswhooping awesome ninja of pain.

So yeah. From initially planning to take over the territories one at a time, I’m now stuck in a two-way war between the Academy and the PGG, one that I don’t regret. Why? BECAUSE SOON I WILL HAVE MY TAKABANE SAE WITH ME! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

…Goddammit, after this I need to get back to Twinkle Crusaders, Prima Stella and Supreme Candy. Oh well, let’s see which one I finish first!

13 Responses to “Sudzukuri Banchou!”

  1. Newprimus says:

    Well that’s another eroge to interest me. I hope the gameplay isn’t too hard to understand.

  2. randompasserby says:

    *eats bait*
    yea…damn dragons XD

  3. Kresnik says:

    It seems interesting.

  4. sterling01 says:

    In short… you play as a male home decorator who rapes fucks chicks…. that’s also a dragon.
    Something just doesn’t seem right, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  5. m3rryweather says:

    That was seriously the hawtest sacrifice I ever received and I wept bitter tears when it was all over.

    Personally, I liked Yume the most out of all the heroines. It’s been so long since I’ve played this game but I still remember that one scene when she was throwing out new suggestions to call him until she reached that one word.

    Yume: “Otou-sama?”

    *Brief silence*


    Yume: “Kyaa! Otou-sama!<3″

    Kuu: “…What are you two doing?…” -_-;

    However, Rukuru is also a very fine choice INDEED. But be sure you don’t make her too jealous from your attention to all the fine ladies in your dungeon no matter how cute her reactions are! BRB, I’M GONNA REASSURE MY DRAGON HUNTER SLAVE. I WON’T GIVE YOU UP TO ANYBODY! I SWEAR IT!

    @Newprimus: The gameplay is not that hard. There are just a lot of options and it may seem confusing at first, but it’s not that bad.

    @Sterling01: Home decorating is SERIUZ BIZNESS.

  6. sterling01 says:

    Well since I’m a nice guy and Hemi didn’t provide it, the Japanese for this title is: 巣作りドラゴン
    Oh and here’s the Getchu link

  7. Zakarum says:

    OH GOD the dog lol. That was no ordinary dog, that was like a 007 dog right there. IF I recall there was one scene where the dog came in via balloon or parachute or something and fucks Sae’s plans up. Not a coincidence! SPECIAL AGENT. LIKE HAVING AN AGENT IN YOUR TOWN FOR THE PURPOSE OF COUNTERING OTHER AGENTS. COUNTERSPY!

  8. Algester says:

    lol i just dont understand the aspect of unwilling captured girls in sudzukuri dragon after all a dragon’s semen seems to give them longevity <__>…. i mean… i just dont understand it… <__> fucking with a dragon has its own benefits <__> and yes… dragon’s semen grants human females longevity at the price of a low conception rate… <_< but meh <__>

  9. Hemisphere says:

    Shinova: It’s pretty easy, really. If you need help you could always ask.

    randompasserby: They last for so long, man. SO LONG. I MEAN, SIX TO NINE TIMES, WHAT THE FUCK?!

    Kresnik: It is! Try it!

    sterling01: INTERIOR DECORATION IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. IT DRIVES THE LADIES WILD. Also thanks for providing the getchu link and the kanji for the title!

    Merry: I know…that sacrifice was hot. ;_;

    Zak: ROFL I KNOW. That dog always made sure to pee on Sae! COUNTERNINJA DOG!

    Alg: Your face contorting into <_> must hurt.

  10. Edna says:

    Sorry to intrude but, would you share the thumbnail image you used for this post? ;_; It would be pretty much appreciated.

  11. Hemisphere says:

    The picture of Kunagi? Sure! It’s here. Enjoy!

  12. tflops says:

    Hey, aren’t you tired of this one? Get back to Supreme Candy, it’s better than this.

  13. Hemisphere says:

    While I am planning to go back to Supreme Candy, I doubt that it’s better than Daibanchou. Or vice versa.

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