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First off, Crow is hot. HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Secondly, check out this title’s getchu page if you want to have an inkling of how I came up with this post’s title name. Just scroll down to the CG samples which should be enough to give you an idea.

Saw those pics yet? Good. Lots of tentacles, right? Yeah. So it must follow that this title’s got heaps upon heaps of tentacles and demon rape.

NOW LET ME BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND BY SAYING THAT ZAN-JI-BA-RU IS NOT TENTACLE-HEAVY. Sure there’s some mandatory tentacle scenes as demanded by the story, but the plentiful tentacle or monster rape scenes don’t pop up unless you’re headed down or about to hit a bad end, making them hardly story-relevant or canon at the least. And whenever you head down the path with the tentacles, there are two variations to them: one leads to “kinder” tentacle rape in which the females aren’t outright brutalized, while the other does exactly the opposite (though not to the degree that BlackCyc’s games are known for). So while they might be succulent side dishes, they’re not exactly the main dish of the entire meal.

What drew me to this title firstmost was the art, but then on closer inspection I noticed the abundance of tentacle rape a meido with revolver, a miko with a sword, and a deeeeeeeeeeeeelishuz loli. At that point something inside my head clicked and the title moved from “somewhat interesting, must see” to “FFFFFFFFFFFFFF MUST HAVE, BETTER CHECK OUT TRIAL NAO!” So I did!

The background story of Zan-Ji-Ba-Ru is that sometime back in WW2, the Japanese forces tried to make use of evil spirits to win the war, only that strategy backfired, blowing a bukkake of really evil monsters upon the land. Up to now they’re still running around and fucking shit up, but don’t fret! There have been several families over the years sealing and exterminating these demons, and Mizushira Yae is from one of those families. I can’t exactly use the term “main heroine” because the perspective shifts SO FUCKING MUCH between the various other heroines, indicating right off the bat that there is none of that usual “protagonist acting as a proxy for the reader” crap in this title. I don’t mind it at all since the heroines are so FUCKING HOT PARTICULARLY CROW WHO I WOULD DEFINITELY JUMP THE MOMENT I GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO, UNFUNFUNFUNFUNF-, and the storytelling is rather intriguing. The game even hands you the option to check out maps, terms or each character’s data that appears for further clarification at your own discretion instead of jamming them all into the story’s discourse and forcing you to wade through them, which is definitely a plus. It helps the story worry less about ruining its pacing just to explain story details to the reader as it gives you that option instead, and focus more on delivering the plot.

NOW BACK TO THE PLOT, there’s this girl who’s trying to become like Yae, the redhead named Miku, only she’s a continual fuck-up and her abilities are hardly comparable with her idol. This of course gives her a massive inferiority complex and an unconscious loathing for Yae, only she won’t admit to either. Some character introductions follow during demon purification scenes, CROW IS INTRODUCED OH GOD SO DELISHUZ a murder takes place at the school they’re in and naturally, tits go flying up and shit hits the fan. Miku’s grudge is used by the resident bish whose cocky smile and prestigious background yet apparent indifference to everything and tendency to piss off everyone else screams MAIN ANTAGONIST RIGHT HERE GAIZ, HAI THAR in big flashy neon signs. By “used” I mean presented as an offering in a ritual to summon Himiko, and by ritual I mean gratuitous tentacle rape.

That's...uhh...one ritual you have there.

The trial ends after the whole incident, so if you want to find out more then GET THE GAME WHEN IT COMES OUT! One thing’s for sure, it’s wrapped in Japanese folklore and Shinto mysticism, which might interest some people. And the art is delishuz.

Anyways, samples of the available CGs from the trial are below!

Between this and Kleinhasa, I foresee a very very happy Hemi come October 2. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be resuming my playthrough of Fault! by Ciel. FUCKING TENNIS-

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  1. Newprimus says:

    Reimu is that you????

  2. m3rryweather says:

    No tentacle love? =’(

    What is the deal with Japan and World War-something?

  3. m3rryweather says:

    Well, I guess it’s obvious why Japan lost if they used a double-edged weapon like tentacle monsters. Their army is justtoo moe.

  4. Wrathkal says:

    Finally saw the CGs for this game… out of 1.4k approx. pics…. so many tentacles… and of those… a lot of the brutal kind…

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