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Welcome to the world of Meishoku no Reiki, Eushully’s conquest SLG title. You take on the role of Ignat, a badder-than-bad dude who’s like a mix between a dragon and some real fucked up demon, and who commands a country that’s comprised of orcs, demons, and various other creatures who are definitely not known for their warm-heartedness and willingness to talk problems over. No, these motherfuckers are out for blood, and so are you.

As a conquest SLG, you have the choice of conquering one, some, or all of the countries, or even allying with the rest, with endings depending on which countries you conquer and who you capture. And by who you capture, this of course refers to the heroines, all in various countries. Some countries are easy to take, as if they were made just for you to trample over (which is really what they’re for!), while some would prefer to amass huge armies and play a really screwed-up version of tag, often ending in big bad demon spanking sessions for you AND your whole army should you come unprepared.

While you take on the role of Igaat, the story doesn’t really take on his character for the narrative. Most of it unfolds through the eyes of Silfietta, the elven heroine, who decided to willingly bring herself to Ignat’s castle as part of a treaty between Zerf Grace (Ignat’s kingdom) and Lua Gracemeil (Silfietta’s kingdom where she is known as a princess). That was one of the two choices that Ignat gave Lua Gracemeil: to either surrender and relinquish their kingdom’s full control over to Zerf Grace, or to hand over Silfietta to Ignat. Silfietta, at the start of the game, is shown willingly bringing herself to Ignat’s kingdom, but is then treated as a mere slave by both Ignat and Tilly, Ignat’s second-in-command. It is then revealed that the reason that Ignat wanted Silfietta was for her magical affinity, as with it, he could make himself much, much stronger. Silfietta then makes a plea with Ignat, that while he is free to obtain as much “magic” from her as he wants (you know how it is…with intimate contact no less!), she hopes he will let her keep her virginity intact.

Like there’s a fuckchance of that happening! One of the best units you can ever get is obtained by fucking the living shit out of her! And I MEAN, best unit ever! But that’s getting too far ahead of myself.

When you begin the gameplay, you’ll find that your kingdom, Zerf Grace, is at the center of the entire continent, which is not a very nice position to begin with, seeing as it leaves your butt open from every angle. Locations are connected to each other by lines, and if you’ve played Eien no Aselia or Seinarukana then you’ll know how that looks, and how unit movement works. You can have a maximum of 4 units in a group (though the actual number of units you can have in a group depends on how many troops a group leader can accommodate), with a maximum of 10 groups. Every action that you choose to do, whether it be reorganizing your troops, using your magic to do various things from, sending our your troops, or constructing something, always takes up time. The bar in the lower right corner of the screen will move once you choose to do something, stopping only once the corresponding time for the action that you chose to execute is done. Once it reaches 100, the turn will be over.

Unlike Sengoku Rance (which is what I’m using as a comparison because it’s the one SLG that everyone is familiar with at the moment), your enemies don’t take their moves after your turn is up. They take their moves at the same time you do, which means more careful planning and strategy in order to make sure that you don’t get caught unaware. Battles occur whenever units encounter each other in the field, or whenever your units try to move into a city (and vice versa), and should Ignat fall in battle, it spells an instant Game Over. There is a lot of available units for you to pick from and put into Ignat’s army, with even a few special heroes from Eushully’s other games (should you have the Append Disk for Meishoku no Reiki as well). The gameplay is fun and frantic at the same time: trying to meet requirements for certain endings within turn counts while fending off enemies and trying to upgrade your units (which is done by making them gain full “exp”, then using an item to upgrade them) makes for a totally entertaining experience and can suck away several hours worth of your time without you even knowing.

Despite that, though, the gameplay is unintuitive, and it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how the entire system works. Once you do, however, you can be assured that you’re in for a fun ride, gameplay-wise.

With regards to the story, since most of the narrative and plot progression done mostly through SIlfietta’s actions, that doesn’t mean that Ignat takes a backseat. I mean to say that most of the narrative that carries weight relative to the plot: like, what is Ignat and how did he come to be as such, what is Tilly’s purpose, and such – most of the questions that the game brings up are to be addressed and answered by Silfietta’s actions in the game. Ignat’s role is to be the bad-ass overlord that’s out there conquering countries, taking down rulers, and enslaving all the women (for his personal use), which shows in most of the game’s boss battles and H scenes. Despite the whole evil bad guy thing going for Ignat, he’s an awesome lead, on par with Himegari’s Emilio – between the two, I wouldn’t know who to root for if they came to trading blows.

Which, I guess, is part of the reason why I ended up not liking Silfietta as much as I wanted to. They presented her as an oppressed, tragic heroine simply with the purest of intentions, sure, but in light of Ignat’s character, goddamn woman, I could hardly care less – when you have someone that awesome, fuck it, who cares about weepy, tragic characters! Some of the other heroines, however, were just utterly delishuz, like the female knight from this kingdom who comes together with an equally delishuz princess (should you choose to capture them both).

The best character in the game, hands down, is Seobit. Despite all the delishuz heroines, Seobit takes the cake: not only is the one of the most powerful units in game, she’s also unbelievably hilarious and awesome. I guarantee you, the scenes you will get with child Seobit will make you laugh your ass off – which will come rather unexpected in a game like Meishoku no Reiki, given its dark and serious nature. But it’s actually nice to have, and the humor won’t feel disjointed and leave you going “wtf but I thought-”, as I appreciated all the laughs that child Seobit brought. And it doesn’t stop there! Teenaged Seobit’s got some hilarious scenes as well, and mature Seobit’s a mix between hilarious and awesome, much like her father Ignat (THAT is a goddamn good hint on how to get her!). If you’ve played Himegari, you can think of Seobit as the prototype Lily. Hell, Eushully even came out with an entire scenario revolving around Seobit, just because she was THAT great (which is available through the Append Disk)! In it, they expounded more on the humor, and even lampooned the game itself.

Seobit's Playtime: Anytime, Anywhere Nice clothes don't matter in BATTLE! NEKKID IS FINE! Having an army doesn't save you from a demon with daddy issues.

Trust me when I say Meishoku no Reiki is a MUST HAVE for SLG fans out there. It’s definitely a great title, and worth investing some time into. Now: Ignat versus Emilio! Who would win?! Who would lose?! Or would these motherfuckers team up together and proceed to assrape everyone instead!? Who knows! But I damn hell definitely want to see something like that!

15 Responses to “冥色の隷姫”

  1. Wrathkal says:

    Hmm, I notice that only the last three pics have captions to go along… Haiz…. anyway, good to hear from you once again.

  2. ReimuHakurei says:

    Finally another SLG from Eushully! I was expecting Valkyria to be an SLG but it turned out to be a typical VN. Thanks for the heads up Hemi.

  3. ReimuHakurei says:

    On an unrelated note, how much dialog do I have to go through before I start on my first real battle in Seinarukana? I’m getting pretty impatient reading and reading and reading without any significant events happening other than Nozomu slaying a random demonic canine.

  4. Hemisphere says:

    That’s gonna be a while. The actual SLG won’t begin until you hit Katima’s world.

  5. m3rryweather says:

    I guess Eushully found the magic formula after Himegari. A transforming succubus is oh-so-fine. MMM-MMM. Not into damsels in distress? XD

    • Hemisphere says:

      I’m not against damsels in distress, but after a while it just gets so dull. I think that Sylphine (of Himegari) is the “improved” version of Silfietta, who, while sh does end up as somewhat helpless, at least takes action of her own accord!

  6. Wrathkal says:

    Lol, I gave up on the rest after finally completing Ruputna’s route in SeiN like nearly a month back, but I did d/l the save file to see the rest of the scenes. The damsel in distress thing does get dull after a while… it needs variety. Eg. resistant valkyrie or helpless (useless) princess? Breaks easily or gradual corruption? Those factors are what makes the theme interesting.

  7. Avisch says:

    YOU LIED HEMI. YOU SAID YOU WOULDN”T WRITE ABOUT REIKI……is what I would say, cept Im very happy to get your thoughts on this wonderful game.

    “They presented her as an oppressed, tragic heroine simply with the purest of intentions, sure, but in light of Ignat’s character, goddamn woman, I could hardly care less – when you have someone that awesome, fuck it, who cares about weepy, tragic characters!”

    This is my favorite sentence in the review. The tragedy does add some balance the thing, it makes the story alittle more serious I mean.
    But anyway Ignat’s a beast, and the entire peninsula is in his hand. God all the H-scenes in this were damn erotic.

    m3rryweather: I think they do have a formula. In most of their games They have: one damsel in distress and/or pure type heroine, one or two female knight characters, one malicious KEIKAKU DOORI-type (which usually gets subverted by the male lead), and of course one nearly silent soldier type.

    And my vow still stands. If Eushully’s next project is not relevant to this Reiki after VERITA is released, I will travel to Sapporo and yell at them personallt,

  8. Ryouichi says:

    My god. I started playing this game tonight and to someone who can’t read a spick of Japanese, it’s unforgiving as all hell. I had to restart 5 times to beat the Wasteland of Bees boss. Damn only Ignat can do good damage against her and she has enough hp to take 3 hits over 3 rounds, but then she freaking REFLECTS my attacks! D:< But I finally got her, that bitch using a two-wave attack.

    • Hemisphere says:

      Hey, at least she’s dead!

      Better start planning out on how you can level up your troops fast, because things will only get harder from there! And good luck!

  9. Ryouichi says:

    Thanks Hemi. The next problem I had were those damn elves sniping my Ignat, but they’re gone now too. There are only like 4 nations left >:).

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