Verita Vindication

By , 27 February, 2010 3:08 AM
Ah yes. Tsundere princess. Just...better be careful.

Ikusa Megami Episode 4: Verita, Eushully’s next installment in the Ikusa Megami series, is shaping up to be one absolutely excellent game. You can check it out yourself by downloading the trial here! And trust me when I say that downloading and subsequently playing the trial is very much worth your time. Not only does it give us a peek at the reasons behind the crossover between Serika and Riui, but also the gameplay. Man…I can’t believe I went grinding-crazy over a trial alone. That’s how much I got into it.

Character screen And how the combat looks like

Putting the story aside (as I can barely make a decent impression of the game’s story from a freaking trial alone), the one thing that really jumps out at me and grabs my attention is how the game looks. That’s because it looks freaking GORGEOUS. The sprites, effects and fields used for battle and exploration are now more detailed than the ones used in Ikusa Megami 0, looking absolutely vibrant. As for the CGs, they’re very pleasant to look at, especially the ladies. Rawr. Man, these ladies are absolutely hot – a fact that will repeat itself over and over in your mind as you look at them in their wondrous glory in CG.

Whenever you're having some fuckans... ...Make sure you get some privacy!

While the gameplay remains fairly reminiscent of Ikusa Megami 0′s system, there’s some additions (though most of them are out of the trial’s scope). You can now take on sidequests from Inns, providing more distractions and options to enjoy the gameplay unlike in Ikusa Megami 0. You can also capture certain monsters and put them on support duty (and strictly ONLY support duty), and they’ll help you out with various passive and active skills while in combat.I would have liked to see how the army battles went, but too bad it’s not included.

So to sum it all up: gorgeous CG, lush detail, enjoyable gameplay, and a promising story that looks to be epic (seeing as it’s a crossover of Genrin and Ikusa Megami, that’s kind of a given). Which adds up to having no reason to not want this title at all, and every reason to temper one’s patience as April 23 is kind of fucking too far away from more Serika and Riui plus gorgeous hawt ladies goodness.

Now for another title’s trial which I’ve just played recently as well would be Makai Tenshi Jibril 4′s trial, available here. It’s not a very extensive trial, as it covers only the prologue of the game – the incident involving the three student council members and how they became henshin heroines. Regardless, it’s worth a look just for some laughs.

OH NO, TENTACLES ...No, she wasn't referring to the previous image.

Thanks to the devil sisters Meimei and Maimai (who turned one of their classmates into a tentacle monster), the student council (consisting of Momo, Aoi, Yuzuha and the lead) gets caught up in the whole thing, with the lead getting supposedly stabbed through the chest – because he’s a dude, and tentacle monsters have no interest in dudes, especially ones who hours ago was his male classmate. Love (you know, the loli angel who’s always in every Jibril game) shows up to free the three girls from the tentacle monster’s grasps and give them the power to transform into henshin heroines via the use of special hair accessories. Using the power of Amore, the three ladies then turn their classmate-turned-tentacle-monster back to normal, sending the devil sisters scurrying off in fear.

The whole thing’s actually funnier than how my synopsis makes it sound like. If there’s anything that the Jibril series is good at, it’s not taking itself seriously (and fetish fulfillment among other things). With that, the three girls are tasked with the duty of protecting the school by Love; who, as it turns out, is the school’s president. Oh, and the lead is tasked with the job of “replenishing” their “energy”, because their Amore power is powered by love, and every time they use it up in battle they will need to have it “restocked” – willingly, or unwillingly. And Love’s already made some arrangements in order to ensure that they stay in close proximity to one another should the “need arise” by making all four of them reside in a very luxurious dwelling, all paid for by Love’s divine counterfeit – detectable by God, but not by the police!

Yuzuha had to be tied up in order to let this scene occur, hahaha SPECIAL MORNING SERVICE~

So…Ikusa Megami Verita for sheer awesomeness, and Jibril 4 for crazy hilarity. Damn you April releases!

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  1. Micchi says:

    Lies. Everyone knows Mahou Shoujo = Tentacle Scenes.

  2. Nis161 says:

    I’m actually aiming to play Ikusa Megami Zero before this comes out, but I was wondering if the previous installments of the Ikusa Megami has any relation. Well, no, I know there are some shared settings and all, but how lost would I get if I were to jump to Ikusa Megami Zero, and eventually to Verita when it comes out?

    • Hemisphere says:

      I don’t think you’d get that lost, seeing as I just came from Zero and wasn’t that confused by the trial for VERITA. What you WOULD need to brush up on, however, would be the stories for both Genrin no Kishougun 1 and 2, seeing as their stories also lead into Ikusa Megami VERITA (as Riui plays quite an important role).

      The progression is as follows:




      戦姫EPISODE-4 (now confirmed as 戦女神 Verita)



      Also, it’ll be fun seeing how Euklea turns into Serika’s attendant/mistress/apostle! Hahaha.

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