聖なるかな – Chapter 0 and 1

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Nozomu wakes up in a place full of darkness to a woman’s voice calling out to him. She tells him to open his eyes as she reaches her hand out, beckoning him to join her in going outside. He takes her hand and does so, and as both of them run off, the scene changes abruptly – this time, in the middle of a slaughter in a labyrinth entwined with tree roots. As he ruthlessly stabs his sword into an enemy, the man draws his last breath and utters a curse to Nozomu, who could only pay attention to the surge of power that he obtains after said man dies and eventually fades into particles of mana. This is not him, Nozomu thinks with horror, but the blood on his swords and hands are etched too strongly in his senses for him to ignore. With a passing glance at the carnage around him, Nozomu soliloquizes while uttering the name ヒメオラ that “now, all is well”… and the girl besides him shakes with fury, agreeing with him as she says that this was “a natural repayment for those who killed a child who has no sins”.

The scene changes once more, with Nozomu facing a man with long, silver hair, who tells him that now, the only gods remaining in this world are him and ファイム…as well as Narukana and Nozomu. アルニーネ and ヤハラギ, サジタール and シェミン are also gone, says the man, with both the 南天の神々 and 北天の神々 eliminated, and that the time is now for the two of them to settle their differences, calling Nozomu as ジルオル. ジルオル calls the man ルツルジ, who tells ジルオル that both of them have shouldered unfortunate fates, and that he slightly sympathizes with ジルオル. It would be good if, next time, they could become friends, and ジルオル expresses regret for not having much time to speak with ルツルジ, who in turn tells Narukana that interference is useless as the two men start fighting.

Defeated, ルツルジ tells ジルオル that victory is his, though he ends his statement by stabbing himself with his own sword. The place suddenly starts lighting up and shaking ominously, and Narukana, saddened, tells ジルオル that this is the time for them to part. She makes a promise with him that he’ll come back for her, and although ジルオル tries to stop her, Narukana walks away from him, disappearing in a flash of light. With this, ジルオル muses, only he and ファイム are left in this world. ファイム, who was inanimately standing behind him like a doll earlier, suddenly speaks aloud and tells him that his punishment has been decided by the 管理の者、伝承の者 and、真理の者. She tells him that his punishment is the deprivation of his name as she brandishes her weapon, and the two start to fight. ジルオル tries his best but sustains mortal wounds from ファイム, who is barely scratched, and although he creates a barrier to protect himself with, ファイム’s spear cuts straight through it, and his chest.

ジルオル tries to pull the spear out of his chest, but ファイム tells him that it is useless, and she stabs the spear deeper into ジルオル. As his thoughts start to fade away, ジルオル thinks back to the girl whose hand he held tightly earlier, and vows never to let go. He will never, absolutely, let go of her hand no matter what…

A girl’s startled yelp brings Nozomu back to reality and away from the nightmare that he has repeatedly seen since childhood, with the girl trying (not-so) desperately to wriggle her waist out from Nozomu’s embrace while telling him in a flustered (and overjoyed) manner that what he’s doing is rather embarrassing for the both of them. Nozomu opens his eyes and sees that he’s not holding onto the girl he saw in his dreams, it’s “just Nozomi”. Nozomi, of course, is rather annoyed (disappointed is more like it) at hearing his words, and she asks him if he remembers what he just did to her in front of everyone. He doesn’t, asks why everyone is looking at the two of them rather strangely, inquires if there’s anything on his face, chalks up any recent action of his to a dream, questions if he did anything wrong to her to upset her, then asks for his forgiveness, all the while sweating bullets. Enter the Nozomin Punch, a blow which sends Nozomu flying, and a classmate commenting on how Nozomu’s already dancing high in the sky even though it’s early in the morning!

Mori Shinsuke, a classmate, asks Nozomu if he’s fine after having received a blow from Nozomi, while Agawa Misato, another classmate, says that Nozomu deserved it. Nozomu tries to patch things up with Nozomi later on, but is met with a cold stare and puffed-up cheeks from an obviously frustrated Nozomi. The two end up arguing instead, in a childish manner, and Nozomi tells him that he doesn’t understand a woman’s heart. Just when Nozomi was about to cry, someone comes into the classrom: it’s Akatsuki Zetsu, a friend of Nozomu. Zetsu tells Nozomu that he’s come to play with him again in a joking manner, but he ends up negotiating the fight between the two for the nth time. Zetsu asks to hear Nozomu’s side of the story, and laughs after hearing all that Nozomu said, pointing out that the whole misunderstanding was because of Nozomu having told Nozomi that it’s just her. In his defense, Nozomu says that it’s because he mistook Nozomi for the girl in his dream, who was the one he really wanted to never let go of, and…Zetsu comments rather blithely that Nozomu seems to love stepping on land mines.

First, Nozomi asks Nozomu if he intentionally wanted to embrace her earlier, to which he says no – that was because he was half-asleep, Nozomu reasons adamantly. Nozomi then asks him the identity of this girl in his dreams that he so wanted to embrace that badly, in a chillingly direct tone. Shinsuke comments that maybe, it’s Satsuki-senpai that Nozomu really wanted to hug! Nozomu denies this, and Zetsu steps out of the way as Nozomi asks again as to who the person in his dream was. When Nozomu starts stammering, Nozomi thinks that he’s being just running around in circles, then…

Zetsu tells Nozomi to apologize for taking things a bit too far and for the both of them to stop fighting so much, leaving the classroom right before Sanae-sensei enters the room. Sanae noticed Nozomi looking slightly down, figures out that the two must have fought again, and tells Nozomu to apologize to Nozomi for whatever silly thing he did wrong. She warns her students to be careful of a stray dog in the neighborhood before starting class. Afterwards, Nozomu and Nozomi eventually patch things up, until Satsuki-senpai appeared, that is.

The student council president and school idol heard from Sanae-sensei that the two had a fight and went to check things out for herself – at least, that’s her reason for coming to Nozomu’s classroom. Nozomi tells her, however, that their fight is over, so she’s no longer needed to help smoothen things out between her and Nozomu! Nozomu, meanwhile, is wondering if Nozomi and Satsuki-senpai don’t get along because Nozomi seem to be treating each other rather coldly, while Nozomi flares up with jealousy at the sight of Satsuki-senpai stroking Nozomu’s cheek. Satsuki wonders aloud if both Nozomu and Nozomi were in the middle of something intimate before she entered the room, and Nozomi objects while blushing, pushing away Nozomu – who ends up falling onto Satsuki-senpai’s bosom. Nozomi and all the males let out a shout of surprise, and she tells Nozomu to quickly remove his head from Satsuki-senpai’s chest, because burying it in those kinds of places would turn him stupid! Satsuki-senpai then tells Nozomu that she actually came with student council-related matters, and tells him to report to the teacher after class, to which he complies. As Satsuki-senpai leaves, however, he’s left wondering why Nozomi is in a bad mood again, and Nozomi tells him in a frustrated tone that she doesn’t know, with Shinsuke and Misato just stare at Nozomu with exasperated expressions.

Up on the rooftop, Nozomu starts thinking about what happened earlier. His thoughts drift back to his dream, and suddenly, he starts feeling bad. As he sits there in anguish, feeling like there’s something welling up inside his body, he starts seeing places in his mind, as if calling out to him.

Later in the day, it’s time to go home, and Nozomu is accompanied by Zetsu, with Satsuki and Nozomi walking ahead of them, occasionally looking back at their direction. Zetsu remarks how Nozomi is such a lucky guy, being able to hold two flowers in each hand, and tells him that he’s the envy of every guy in school. Nozomu downplays his situation, and the two girls soon wait for them to catch up, with Satsuki-senpai ‘sneakily’ (according to Nozomi) locking her arm with Nozomu’s. Unwilling to accept defeat, Nozomi does the same with Nozomu’s left arm, and Zetsu is there smiling at the sight of Nozomu being (dragged) accompanied by both girls. Zetsu leaves them before they reach Nozomu’s house, telling them that he has a part-time job to go to.

Upon arriving home, Nozomu is exhausted, and here we find out that he’s living on his own. His parents disappeared several years ago, believed to be killed while on a foreign country due to his father’s job, and Nozomi and her family have been taking care of him ever since. Sanae-sensei is also more like an aunt to him than a teacher, though she demands that Nozomu address her properly when they are in school. As he drifts off to sleep, he has a dream wherein someone like Zetsu is wearing odd clothes, and fighting what appears to be a huge black dog, with a small doll on his shoulders.

In the morning, Nozomi wakes up Nozomu as it’s time to go to school. After they eat breakfast, they leave the house, only to find Satsuki-senpai waiting outside for them. Nozomi is wondering how this could be, as Satsuki-senpai’s house is quite far away from Nozomu’s but she just tells Nozomi that distance is nothing when it comes to…well, that pat was disregarded as the two’s tug-of-war over Nozomu began anew, with Zetsu just looking on again. After the day, Zetsu asks Nozomu if Nozomi’s birthday is drawing close, and he tells Zetsu that it is. Zetsu then tells Nozomu that he’ll help Nozomu pick out a present for Nozomi the day after tomorrow, so that Nozomu can make up with Nozomi, and Nozomu gladly takes up his offer. Out of curiosity, though, Nozomu asks if doing so wouldn’t interrupt Zetsu’s part time job, and he tells Nozomu that it wouldn’t.

The next day, Nozomu is invited by Nozomi to eat her bento, but just then Satsuki-senpai comes into the classroom and offers him her own bento for him to eat, telling him that she labored on it at 3 AM in the morning. You can chose which to eat, but I went with Nozomi’s, because aside from Shinsuke and Misato backing her up, she also has the power of guilt working for her. Yay guilt!

After school, Satsuki invites Nozomu to join her in walking to her home, and he takes up her invitation. They arrive at the Shinto Shrine close to the outskirts of town, and the two talk for a while as to how it’s like living in such a place. When Nozomu gets back home, he finds Sanae waiting for him, who worriedly asks him if he’s been having his ‘weird dreams’ again, to which he says yes. She asks if his physical condition is also feeling bad, as is the case when he suffers from the recurring nightmare, and he tells her that it’s nothing that he can’t manage. Still worried, Sanae takes Nozomu’s word for it and leaves. At night, though, Nozomu is once again haunted by the nightmare, and he starts to feel bad once more.

Morning comes, and a voice tells him to wake up. Groggy, Nozomu refuses to do so, and the voice tells him that, as his osananajimi, maybe it’s time to give him a morning wake-up kiss. Feeling the person’s face drawing close to his, he suddenly sits up and is shocked to find Satsuki-senpai as the person waking him up while pretending to be Nozomi. Nozomi is quite surprises when she finds Satsuki-senpai in Nozomu’s room, to say the least, and she tells Satsuki-senpai that it’s her irreplaceable duty to be the one to wake up Nozomu! Satsuki-senpai, however, is curious as to why this job is something that should be left to Nozomi, and Nozomi alone. Which prompts Zetsu to ask Nozomu as to why Nozomi is in such a bad mood so early in the morning. Nozomu tells him everything, and Zetsu tells him to cheer up, for today is the day that he’ll help Nozomu find a suitable gift for Nozomi. The two of them go to a shop for girls later in the day, with Zetsu being mistaken by the girls in the shop as a girl pretending to be a guy, and the two of them are thought to be a couple, the girls squealing in delight.

Next day, Nozomu isn’t feeling so well in class. Even Shinsuke, Misato, Nozomi and Sanae-sensei notice his condition, but he tells them that he’ll be fine. While on the way home, Nozomi and Nozomu run into the stray dog that Sanae-sensei warned them about – only, it’s not so much a dog as it is a big, black ‘thing’ in the form of a dog, as Nozomu notes. As the dog lunges at them, Nozomu throws his bag at it with desperation, then grabs Nozomi’s hand and runs off with her, trying to escape from it. They end up at the Shinto Shrine with the dog right behind them, with Nozomu and Nozomi cornered and helpless. As the dog lunges at Nozomi, who faints due to shock, Nozomu desperately thinks that he has to protect her no matter what the cost – to which a voice within his mind asks him if he wishes for power. Power to protect the ones he love and to destroy whatever he wishes to eliminate, for a price.

Nozomu agrees, and a silhouette of a sword appears in his hands. He stabs the dog just as it goes for Nozomi, but he blacks out himself after doing so. He wakes up later to the sight of the dog with it’s innards spilled out and killed in a most gruesome fashion…which makes him remember that something like this happened when he and Nozomi were just children. He takes Nozomi back to her house with a piggyback ride, and she wakes up while on the way. After realizing that the whole incident with the dog has passed, she promises that, no matter what Nozomu is and no matter what he does, she will always be there for him, making Nozomu think that she knows what happened earlier during his blackout. The next day, Nozomu’s condition is the worse for wear, and he starts seeing what appears to be a girl as tall as his hand floating before him, concerned over his health.

Nozomi’s mother tells Nozomu that Nozomi won’t be able to go to school because of sickness, and Nozomu goes on his own, though eventually he’s sent back by Sanae-senpai after she notices his deteriorating condition. He ends up at the Shinto Shrine and notices that it’s nighttime, wondering how he ended up at such a place. The miko of the shrine comes out and meets him, introducing herself as Kurahashi Tamaki after she talks to Nozomu about his ‘small friend’, with Nozomu astounded that Tamaki can see his ‘small friend’ when nobody else in the school could. She then heals Nozomu from his exhaustion and tells him that, she would like it if they could have a long talk someday. Despite being cured from his fatigue, his nightmare once again visits him, this time in greater detail and length than before.

Nozomi wakes up Nozomu the next morning, and the two try to visit Satsuki-senpai in the student council room so as to catch up on what they’ve both missed. At that same moment, Satsuki-senpai is talking to someone named Talia about sending reinforcements, with Talia bring along ‘the stupid one’ while heading towards Satsuki’s location. Then, she turns to Zetsu, who calmly tells Satsuki that he doesn’t care what Satsuki and her group does – he wants no part of it, as his job is something else entirely. Outside the student council room, Nozomu and Nozomi hear Satsuki’s heated replies to Zetsu, both of them thinking that she’s arguing with someone. When she lets Nozomu and Nozomi inside, though, they find no one, and when they ask her about the argument that she had earlier, she asks them “what argument?” After the day, the four of them agree to go home together, with Zetsu and Satsuki looking regretful over something that Nozomu could not put his finger on. As Zetsu and Satsuki-senpai say their respective farewells, Nozomi could not help but feel as if the two of them were feeling sorry over something…

You have two choices to make: to invite Nozomi to Nozomu’s home, or to go out and visit Satsuki-senpai at night. As Nozomu thinks to himself, it seems that the incident regarding the stray dog happened during his childhood as well. It was he was with Nozomi during a mountain trip, when the same thing that happened in the Shinto Shrine happened back then as well after Nozomu and Nozomi strayed from their parents. Only, when Nozomu came to, Nozomi had her hands on his neck in an attempt to choke him to death, with an empty and doll-like glaze in her eyes. Visiting Satsuki-senpai would result in Nozomi admiring her beauty while Satsuki-senpai talked to Nozomu about the things that they shared together, as if she was indulging in nostalgia.

Again, Nozomu is haunted by his nightmare as he sleeps, while two unknown figures, in some unknown place, talk about how they’ve finally found ‘him’ this time, despite interference from a third party. The next day in class, Nozomu is still not feeling as well as he hoped, and Nozomi comes close to take a look at him. Just then, the entire school is enveloped by darkness, and everyone is surprised to find out that, all of a sudden, night has fallen! A full moon, hanging high in the night sky, casts light on the shadows on the school’s sports field, revealing several of the stray dogs that attacked Nozomu and Nozomi earlier – some of these dogs forming into girl-shaped figures. With the students on the field in danger, Nozomu shouts to the students outside that it’s dangerous and that they should all get back inside to the school. Everyone is in a panic, and just as the creatures come closer to the school, a sudden blast from nowhere envelopes all of them, and a figure appears out of nowhere.

It’s Satsuki-senpai, dressed in a strange attire. Though everyone is momentarily surprised at seeing her in such a fashion, she tells everyone to evacuate to the school’s gymnasium while she handles the threat headed their way. Nozomu, heeding her words, gathers everyone and runs off to the gymnasium, as much as he can anyways. Supported by Nozomu, they try to head to the gymnasium, but on the way, one of the creatures break in from a window and try to attack Nozomi. Again, the voice calls out to Nozomu, that if he wills for power…then all he has to do is call out the Shinken’s Divine Name. Instinctively, he knows the name that he must speak out, and he does so before Nozomi gets killed. As his clothing changes and two swords materialize in his hands, Nozomu rushes to confront the threat.

Nozomu makes short work of the enemy, surprised that he was able to move with such speed and strength. After having rescued Nozomi, she expressed her gratitude, though Shinsuke and Misato look at him with newfound fear. Again, three new enemies appear to block their path, and this time Nozomu takes them on not just to protect his friends, but also because something inside him is longing for it – to destroy whatever is standing in his way, to kill the ones that pose a threat to him. He dispatches them, and they move on towards the gymnasium, but this time, another obstacle is in their way – in the form of Akatsuki Zetsu. Everyone is surprised to see him in a form similar to Nozomu and Satsuki, with a sword no less, and Zetsu dismisses their questions with a cold, emotionless tone – as if he is an entirely different person from the Zetsu that they know.

Walking over to Nozomu, Zetsu tells him that his time has come – he will kill Nozomu. He tells the others to stay back lest they become involved, and the two start fighting, though Zetsu has the upper hand. Covered with wounds, Nozomu is unable to fight on the same level as Zetsu and believes that the end is near, but Satsuki-senpai arrives just in time. Though she thanks Zetsu for having helped her in handling the creatures that threatened the school, she now faces him with her sword drawn in order to protect Nozomu. Zetsu notes that it’s now a 2 on 1 fight, but despite that, the two still end up losing to him. With a sorrowful tone, Zetsu tells Nozomu that now, the God of Destruction will die, and he stabs his sword into Nozomu’s shoulder. Nozomi, refusing to believe that Zetsu will kill Nozomu, and that Nozomu will die, goes hysterical and tries to pull out the blade lodged in Nozomu’s shoulder with her own hands, injuring herself in the process.

As she slowly pulls out the blade, her eyes turn emotionless and catatonic, while repeatedly saying that she will never let Nozomu die. Nozomi turns to face Zetsu, and a sickle-like spear appears in her hands, with Satsuki-senpai surprised at seeing Nozomi ‘awaken’, before Satsuki-senpai passes out due to her own injuries compounded with exhaustion. Zetsu remarks that her loss of self-consciousness is related to the awakening of her Shinken, and leaves without doing anything else, telling Nozomu to value his own life with the time that Nozomi bought for him. Slowly feeling the extent of the exhaustion that the previous days have brought him, as well as his injuries, Nozomu slowlyblacks out, but not before nothing that, outside the school’s windows, he could clearly see the sky and the stars. It’s as if, Nozomu notes, the school was flying – if the rumbling and shaking is to be any indication, along with the whole night sky scenery outside.

And thus begins Seinarukana.

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  1. Zakarum says:

    Nozomu-chan no bakaaaaaaaaaa!!! God that scene was hilarious. I can’t get over how thick-headed and clueless male leads can be in some titles. It’s so painful! Nozomi is freaking saying it’s ok if it’s Nozomu *HINT. HINT.* >_<

    I didn’t play as far as you did, I was mainly just testing to see if it works, but wow, that was a detailed summary of the beginning.

  2. chraen says:

    Lol are you going to do this for the rest of the chapters? xD

    That’d be a LOT of things to write.

  3. Hemisphere says:

    Zakarum: Well, since Nozomu amuses me, I can put up with his denseness. XD

    And yes. This was quite detailed. So detailed that I began to lose steam near the end, and I just wrote in general details whatever happened.

    One thing’s for sure: I’m never going to do the other Chapters with this same detail, or else I’d go nuts!

    chraen: Only for Chapters 0 and 1, since they set the pace of the story. After that, the rest of the Chapters will be just general overviews, with emphasis on story-important events.

  4. Zeroblade says:

    Wow, I never knew one could switch from school to fantasy in such an abrupt way in visual novels.

  5. Hemisphere says:

    Really? Honestly speaking, I don’t find the pacing odd, as it seems appropriately done. @_@

  6. remotemine says:

    Sigh. Now I really wish I could read Japanese. There are so many little details that I missed during the intro, thanks to my vague comprehension of what occurred due AGTH + Atlas. D:

  7. Hemisphere says:

    So do I. ;___;

    I’m currently working on Chapter 2, and I’m halfway done, only I can’t seem to tear myself away from my PS2! Drifting with a Lancer Evo 5 is too much fun. ;___;

  8. Zakarum says:

    I’ve heard this term “AGTH+Atlas” before but I’ve never figured out exactly what it is…

    Also, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X release in the US in January ’08!

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