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By , 18 June, 2008 12:03 AM

I present you with Lump of Sugar’s very first title, Nursery Rhyme!

With Tayutama -kiss on my deity- coming up soon – and I mean TEN MORE DAYS SOON OH MY FREAKING GOD! – I tried out Nursery Rhyme, as if on a whim. Well, not really as if, seeing as I was stuck in the library with nothing to do but wait for an hour and a half before my next class. With the free time, I decided to see if waiting for Lump of Sugar’s third title (Nursery Rhyme – Itsusora fandisc not counting) was worth it by seeing if their very first title would entertain me.

First off: oh god, the OP music is absolutely fucking cute and addicting to listen to!

Nursery Rhyme was quite interesting during the first few minutes that I played through it. So our protagonist, whose name I roughly forgot Hasekura Shizuma, moves in to his mother’s friend’s house after his parents take an overseas job that lasts for three years. In doing so, he ends up living with his childhood friends – twin siblings who go by the name of Tomoe Makina, an energetic and active girl, and Tomoe Yukina, who is slightly more subdued and elegant than her sister – along with two other girls – a young genius girl by the name of Kururu, and and elf girl named Rin (god the rest of her name is really hard to figure out in romaji >_>) – in the same house. And to add to that, there’s another girl living in the house just besides the Tomoe residence, a tsundere ojousama who goes by the name of Teita F Brant (again, I’m not really sure of the romaji here). What I do know is that people like to call her Ms. TITS FLAWLESS. You can blame the F in her name for that one.

It’s not really hard to see that Nursery Rhyme is all about high school antics and relationships with some comedy and drama along the way, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m really into that kind of genre, provided that it’s executed and done in an interesting and compelling manner, something that Nursery Rhyme has according to a comment by Mister Merryweather. And Nursery Rhyme looks like it’ll deliver! For something that was released on 2005, I guess it’s not too late to enjoy it!

Now, I’m definitely looking forward to Tayutama -kiss on my deity- and its release!

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  1. Hinano says:


  2. Algester says:

    ohh crummy hell 9 days to go -_- but after those 9 days i have me mid-term -_-” WRY!!!!!!! actually itsusora and nursery rhyme co fandisk its called lump of sugar honey pot or melting pot… -_-” forgot which is which true enough it was from nursery rhyme also that their feline mascot character was born

  3. Mister Merryweather says:

    W00t! I got cited! *squeals like a little schoolgirl*

    I only played three routes (Krururu, Teita, Yukina) before my hard drive wiped out -___-, but I can sincerely say I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. What I find pleasantly surprising in all three routes is that the main character, Shizuma, does not have the “indecisive blockhead” syndrome that seems to infect many protagonists. Well, if he does than it’s not to a great extent. What really makes him stand out is his loyalty, forgiving nature, and rock-like support to the chosen girl, and it clearly shows in the “serious” portions. Perfect for the hopeless romantic like me.

    Also an emotionally-charged, dramatic showdown between Yukina and Teita is a big plus in my book.

  4. Zakarum says:

    So… What’s wrong with it being from 2005?

  5. Algester says:

    What I find pleasantly surprising in all three routes is that the main character, Shizuma, does not have the “indecisive blockhead” syndrome that seems to infect many protagonists.

    well apparently in all lump of sugar games their protagonists are not like that -_-” they are not like lyner or makoto for pete’s sake donalbein of princess frontier as well who is a likable guy(as a matter of fact i think some AXL games have some dependable protagonists like taeko for example)

  6. Mister Merryweather says:

    well apparently in all lump of sugar games their protagonists are not like that -_-”

    They’ve only released 3 titles (and one of them is a fandisc) so there are not many examples. What I meant was that there always seem to be some point where the male character can act like a moron, become emo, or be oblivious to a girl’s feelings. It’s not all the time, but there is usually at least one route that has it.

    -Tomoya in Kyou’s route. (Clannad)

    -Jun in Tae’s route. (Braban)

    -Harumi in Marie’s route. (Sakura Strasse. I”m only taking Hemisphere’s word for it since I only played Lulli’s route and he does not act the way he says he does.)

    Granted, I did not finish Nursery Rhyme but so far Shizuma is not showing idiocy yet and I hope he doesn’t later.

    Or maybe I just happen to choose the wrong games. -_-;

  7. Algester says:

    in Jun’s case for tae’s route i guess he was just too shocked to all the events that ensued (one sided confession the contest and everything else and some slapping from haruna senpai) -_-” well i guess in a way thats acceptable cause he was not like that in yuki’s route (these 2 routes are the only routes i have done) just to think all the osananajimi route cliche are there lol

  8. Hemisphere says:


    Mister Merryweather: Oooh, I see. Hahaha, sounds perfect for the hopeless romantic indeed! Also, emotionally-charged dramatic showdowns are a plus.

    Zakarum: That it took me up until now to notice the title? I weep!

    Algester: Jun’s quite dense, not because he was shocked from the confession alone. He just is. But hey, it made Tae’s route all the more dramatic, hahaha.

  9. Algester says:

    NOOO!!!!!!! tayutama’s release date became a 24 hour convenient store -_- 7-11 <__> REPENT!!!!!!! -___-”
    well all osananajimi routes have one in common almost… like in cotton soft’s first title natsumegu the protagonist is indecisive as well on yukako’s route who is apparently his osananajimi (cause the protagonist’s name is so hard to have a romanji) im not sure about FESTA!! but the fact is it has no drama but… comedy of all types -_-” then theres tatsuya on natsuki’s route -_- needed some convincing from jin just for him to know lol <_< then on feena’s route (nearly osananajimi-esque) he nearly went emo -_-”
    why osananajimi-esque should any1 ask
    [spoiler]cause when feena was still small by shear coincidence when she was on earth she met tatsuya and played with him to which was something he forgot[/spoiler]
    dam spoiler tags still dont work

  10. Snacks says:

    “True My Heart” really is one of the most addictive OP music, ever! Omoi wa yashashii kishimeeeeennnn~

    And “Kiss my Lips” was a pretty good song too. XD

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