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あまつみそらに! – web trial

By , 29 March, 2010 2:35 PM


Nicely done, My Brother!

I checked Getchu one day and saw that the trial run of Clochette-soft’s upcoming Amatsumisorani was online. I went “Uuuoooooooohh!!” like an anime extra and tossed all the plans for the day out the window. I call it Clochette-soft’s new and improved kami-sama story because, after playing through the trial, it pretty much is.

The cast is hotter, which may seem trivial only to the woefully ignorant. There are no loli characters in Amatsumisorani. Nearly everyone is a curvaceous ultra-bishoujo, with bust sizes well into the eighties. Serika is the closest thing to a washboard in this game and she’s nowhere near Koyori’s level of planar-ness from Kamipani, so unless you’re a DFC fanatic there’s more treats for the eye to go around this time. There’s also more character expression graphics and the game is pretty animated, sort of a middle-ground between the average eroge and phi-age games.

Having said that, yes this is another kami-sama story from Clochette-soft. Kamipani is a story about a local god becoming human and freeloading at the protagonist’s and Amatsumisorani is a lot like that. The big differences are that the whole becoming human thing happened several years before the game, and the reason Amatsumisorani’s goddess did so tugs more heartstrings. The two games share some common character types like the token imouto character, the sempai with the chest that physics cannot contain, the relatively close female friend, and the token male best friend. Amatsumisorani does not, however, have the sweet human alarm clock and kitchen osanajimi character. Nor does it have the cross-dressing pervert freak character. Or the shop owner who’s got it hard and wet for the pet dog. It does have the spunky bisexual female kouhai however. Beyond these simple labels the characters of Amatsumisorani are very different from that of Kamipani.

Behold my laziness and tremble in awe!

Hitotsubashi Kanna is the goddess of the land and the town’s divine guardian though you would hardly believe so when you meet her, for she is a lazy goddess with a bottomless stomach and an apparent allergy towards work and responsibility. Brash, loud-mouthed, and frank about what she thinks or feels, Kanna has been freeloading at Takahisa’s place for years now without care for the world. The two share a seemingly adversarial relationship over things like food and chores, but in reality they care and trust in each other as much as they would a beloved family member, which they for all purposes practically are.

Don’t let her easy-going and take-it-easy personality fool you however into thinking she’s happy-go-lucky inside as well as out. Since long ago she has watched the decline of the presence and importance of gods in people’s lives. Overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness, she become bitterly disillusioned with her status, culminating in some event before the game that finally caused her to descend to human form. Convinced that the age of gods and worship is over, she now strives to live as a human being because she believes this is the only way she can truly help the lives of the people under her divine care.

Her attitude towards shrines and the people who attend to them is bitter at best, and she avoids the two and everything related to the celebration and worship of Japanese gods whenever possible.

Check out that compression ratio.

Second is Kanzaki Miyu, Takahisa’s imouto who has recently become popular as a model and idol. She returns home from a two-week photoshoot trip around Japan when the trial starts.

First things first: she’s hot. Like criminally hot. She and Mizuki from Kamipani are night and day. Miyu’s hotness is a weapon of mass destruction, and her 88-cm bust most clearly amongst the castmembers states in bold, “Look at me!”. And secondly she’s totally and openly rabu-rabu over her brother and expresses it through various forms of affection such as going “YES!!” when Takahisa gets red in the cheeks after a stray wind overturns her skirt in his presence. Or going deliciously shy and dere-dere when hearing about how much Takahisa worried about her during her photoshoot trip. Or giving him a full-size poster of herself doing a ‘come get me!’ pose in a tight bikini on a beach as a ‘souvenir’. This is all without mentioning that she’s a fantastic cook. And for a coup de grace, the official site has a sample CG of her masturbating while fantasizing about Takahisa.

Clearly Takahisa must die.

Hit on me later, right now the god of garden gnomes is thirsty.

Next is Tobari Chisa. She lives in the neighborhood and has known Takahisa and family for many years, and describes their relationship as an unwillingly inseparable friendship. Calm and cool in personality, with a very straightforward and rational way of thinking. Her position compared to the rest of the cast, especially Takahisa and his family, can be described as a sane, normal person looking in from slightly outside at a bunch of silly people being stupid. Belongs to the same class in school as both Takahisa and Kanna, and is the class respresentative. Probably has feelings for Takahisa that she’s unaware of, no doubt.

The Fault girls should teach her some of their tennis.

There’s Kiyosumi Serika, who is Takahisa’s kouhai of one year along with Miyu. A cheerful, energetic girl, she’s both supportive and antagonistic towards Takahisa, whichever suits her mood at the moment. Best friends with Miyu. Idolizes Kanna, with not-so-subtle lesbian undertones. Think Kurouko from Railgun and you’re not too far off. She’s a member of nearly-defunct tennis club, which she kinda sucks at.

Your concealing miko clothes cannot hide the rape of physics you keep there!

Last on the female cast roll is Hazuki Mikage, a hottie shrine maiden who just moved into town to take up stewardship of the Kamina Shrine. She’s a year above Takahisa, and possesses the grace and charm befitting a sempai, more than capable of driving her kouhai into a corner with her charming words and demeanor. Worth mentioning is her 95cm physics-rending bust size.

She and Takahisa first meet during a festival at the shrine, where she’s putting on a shinto performance. Their eyes meet and Takahisa is unaware why she pays special attention to him then but later finds out that Mikage has some spiritual ability and was able to sense Kanna’s power about him.

Mikage dutifully attends to the caretaking of the shrine, but without the presence of its god the place is merely a shell. Her goal is to find the shrine’s god and somehow bring it back home, so to speak. Of course said god is Kanna who is most reluctant to meet Mikage when Takahisa mentions the new shrine maiden. After finally having a shaky first meeting they settle for starting out as friends, much to Kanna’s unwillingness. Mikage hopes that one day Kanna will give her recognition as the goddess’ shrine maiden.

Our main protagonist is Kanzaki Takahisa. Again not much to say other than a lot like the typical eroge protagonist, except this one tends to take things too seriously sometimes. That trait most likely originates from having to take care of both a criminally hot, idol sister and a lazy, freeloading goddess under one roof for years on end. Hang in there dude (hides knife behind back).

I greatly enjoyed this trial. Kanna as the central figure and kami-sama type is much more interesting than Koyori. There is much potential for this game, and I hope there’s at least one route as awesomely good and touching as Megumi’s from Kamipani. Clochette-soft is one of few companies that can actually infuse their games with that fine art of great pacing to keep players interested in the story. Amatsumisorani has that, a great cast of characters, awesome art style, and so far good story.

Now for the bad news: they’ve delayed the game from April 30th to May 28th! NNoooooooooooo!!!!!!

So here’s a souvenir in the meantime:

Now I can watch you while you sleep onii-chan!

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