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By , 9 March, 2010 6:31 AM
A powerful tale, of eternal love and hope... ...of despair, atonement, and a search for redemption. A powerful tale, of eternal love and hope... ...of despair, atonement, and a search for redemption.

Welcome to the world of Serika Shirufiru. Welcome to Ikusa Megami Zero.

Released on June 13, 2008, Ikusa Megami 0 is the prequel of the Ikusa Megami series. It is entirely about the Godslayer, Serika Shirufiru, and his origins, detailing how he who was once human received the loathed and sought-after title of Godslayer, and of the tragedies that followed suit. In all sincerity, this is really one of the most epic eroges out there, and you owe it to yourself to play this one. Not just because this ties in to VERITA, which I’ve been going nuts over, but because it really is very good.

At the heart of Ikusa Megami 0 is Serika Shirufiru, the man who would later become the Godslayer, and throughout the game you control him (for the most part). He’s the pivotal character, and everything happens around him. Kind-hearted and very talented with his sword skills, Serika’s goal is to become strong enough in order to protect the weak and put an end to conflict. He’s similar to other morally upright characters like Emiya Shirou in that regard, though Serika is more compromising when it comes to doing what has to be done and is nowhere near as insufferable. He’s also very much a tennen boke, but not so much when it comes to the fuckans.

The story of Ikusa Megami 0 starts off with Serika and his comrades, comprising of his sister Kaya and his best friend Dalnoth, kicking monster ass as they investigate the matter of monsters attacking villagers. Cue to the first dungeon of the game which is a big tutorial, where Kaya ends up getting separated from the rest of the group only to be reunited with Serika and Dalnoth right before you fight the boss at the end, with some monster-on-girl fuckans in between. Serika later revisits the dungeon in remorse for having killed the resident water serpent, and in his wish to find its infant, he runs into a girl who goes by the name of Sateia instead, who believes that their meeting was destined to happen.

Oh, and he’s also the Yuusha candidate of Balhart, and after a ritual involving him coming into close contact with their “sacred treasure”, he is given the mission of finding a way to purify the said item, the same mission that his father was entrusted with – and failed at, long ago. During his journey to search for the method of purifying the treasure, he runs into several characters and finds out more about the true nature of Balhart’s so-called sacred treasure, and ends up becoming embroiled in something that would lead to several future tragedies.

The aforementioned monster ass kicking This would be Dalnoth And this would be Kaya And this disgusting thing is their sacred treasure

I’m tempted to spoil the story for you, but I won’t because it’s something that you have to read through and experience for yourself. Admittedly, I’m relatively new to the mythos and world of Eushully so I didn’t get some of the things that happened or were discussed (which is a nice way of saying that the events in Omal mountain in particular confused the fuck out of me), so if you’re new to the entire thing, then heads up – you’re not gonna be able to understand every thing in the Eushully world all of a sudden just by playing Ikusa Megami 0. The story’s emotional value and impact, however, are not to be underestimated.

Discovering that Serika, who only desired power in order to protect those he loved and end conflict, ends up obtaining power by actually killing those he loved, and becomes a cause of conflict; as well as the deep realization that, in the process, he lost not only his purpose for power but everything that actually mattered to him yet gains a new purpose (the promise he made) in the process, was quite a moving experience, one that I was very much glad to play through. It’s much like 君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘で, only Ikusa Megami Zero’s emotional undertones go understated until you stop and actually think about what happened to Serika throughout the story.

While it’s epic in scale and impact, it’s not perfect. There are some parts that do feel awkward, like the “last” sex scene between Serika and Sateia – you’ll know it once you see it. In terms of pacing, the story’s got itself paced nicely – none of the buildups felt too slow or fast, while the immersion factor is such that once it grabbed me, I had a hard time tearing myself away from the game.

With regards to the characters, while Serika is the main focus and star of the game, the other characters are still very interesting and decently-fleshed out, like Sateia. Myself, I ended up being drawn to Rekushumi.

Gameplay-wise, the game’s easy to navigate through, and if you pay attention to the tutorial you’ll know everything there is to know about the system. The combat is simple and easy to follow, with the characters and enemies represented with both statues on the battlefield and cards to designate effects and damage taken as the battle unfolds (something that reminds me of 冥色の隷姫/Princess of Darkness). There’s a nice variety of skills to choose from, such as magic skills, summoning skills, and special attack skills, so you can mix and match your ass-kicking preferences.

Also, certain gameplay decisions can have an impact on the story – for example, depending on how much Steinrura soldiers you choose to run into and fight, their village will either survive or end up being destroyed.

The menu selection screen The character menu screen This would be Serika, staring at a bunch of rubble The combat gameplay

The music is excellent, with some of the tracks sending chills down my spine during certain events or dungeons, while the voice acting is very much remarkable, as the performance and delivery of most of the seiyuus were just wonderful to listen to.

How about the fuckans? It ranges from the bizarre to utterly delishuz, and while some of the scenes might not click well with some people, 41 scenes is bound to make sure that at least some of them end up being memorable enough to replay.

There's mandatory monster rape Optional monster rape Mandatory romantic fuckans And mandatory delishuz fuckans!

You know what? I’m just going to start rambling at this point on, because this review will never do Ikusa Megami 0 justice. It’s really one of the most epic games out there, and if you’re after an epic experience with fun and challenging RPG gameplay and an emotionally engaging and riveting tale, then go get Ikusa Megami 0, and get hooked on it. HOOKED ON IT, I TELL YOU!

Verita Vindication

By , 27 February, 2010 3:08 AM
Ah yes. Tsundere princess. Just...better be careful.

Ikusa Megami Episode 4: Verita, Eushully’s next installment in the Ikusa Megami series, is shaping up to be one absolutely excellent game. You can check it out yourself by downloading the trial here! And trust me when I say that downloading and subsequently playing the trial is very much worth your time. Not only does it give us a peek at the reasons behind the crossover between Serika and Riui, but also the gameplay. Man…I can’t believe I went grinding-crazy over a trial alone. That’s how much I got into it.

Character screen And how the combat looks like

Putting the story aside (as I can barely make a decent impression of the game’s story from a freaking trial alone), the one thing that really jumps out at me and grabs my attention is how the game looks. That’s because it looks freaking GORGEOUS. The sprites, effects and fields used for battle and exploration are now more detailed than the ones used in Ikusa Megami 0, looking absolutely vibrant. As for the CGs, they’re very pleasant to look at, especially the ladies. Rawr. Man, these ladies are absolutely hot – a fact that will repeat itself over and over in your mind as you look at them in their wondrous glory in CG.

Whenever you're having some fuckans... ...Make sure you get some privacy!

While the gameplay remains fairly reminiscent of Ikusa Megami 0′s system, there’s some additions (though most of them are out of the trial’s scope). You can now take on sidequests from Inns, providing more distractions and options to enjoy the gameplay unlike in Ikusa Megami 0. You can also capture certain monsters and put them on support duty (and strictly ONLY support duty), and they’ll help you out with various passive and active skills while in combat.I would have liked to see how the army battles went, but too bad it’s not included.

So to sum it all up: gorgeous CG, lush detail, enjoyable gameplay, and a promising story that looks to be epic (seeing as it’s a crossover of Genrin and Ikusa Megami, that’s kind of a given). Which adds up to having no reason to not want this title at all, and every reason to temper one’s patience as April 23 is kind of fucking too far away from more Serika and Riui plus gorgeous hawt ladies goodness.

Now for another title’s trial which I’ve just played recently as well would be Makai Tenshi Jibril 4′s trial, available here. It’s not a very extensive trial, as it covers only the prologue of the game – the incident involving the three student council members and how they became henshin heroines. Regardless, it’s worth a look just for some laughs.

OH NO, TENTACLES ...No, she wasn't referring to the previous image.

Thanks to the devil sisters Meimei and Maimai (who turned one of their classmates into a tentacle monster), the student council (consisting of Momo, Aoi, Yuzuha and the lead) gets caught up in the whole thing, with the lead getting supposedly stabbed through the chest – because he’s a dude, and tentacle monsters have no interest in dudes, especially ones who hours ago was his male classmate. Love (you know, the loli angel who’s always in every Jibril game) shows up to free the three girls from the tentacle monster’s grasps and give them the power to transform into henshin heroines via the use of special hair accessories. Using the power of Amore, the three ladies then turn their classmate-turned-tentacle-monster back to normal, sending the devil sisters scurrying off in fear.

The whole thing’s actually funnier than how my synopsis makes it sound like. If there’s anything that the Jibril series is good at, it’s not taking itself seriously (and fetish fulfillment among other things). With that, the three girls are tasked with the duty of protecting the school by Love; who, as it turns out, is the school’s president. Oh, and the lead is tasked with the job of “replenishing” their “energy”, because their Amore power is powered by love, and every time they use it up in battle they will need to have it “restocked” – willingly, or unwillingly. And Love’s already made some arrangements in order to ensure that they stay in close proximity to one another should the “need arise” by making all four of them reside in a very luxurious dwelling, all paid for by Love’s divine counterfeit – detectable by God, but not by the police!

Yuzuha had to be tied up in order to let this scene occur, hahaha SPECIAL MORNING SERVICE~

So…Ikusa Megami Verita for sheer awesomeness, and Jibril 4 for crazy hilarity. Damn you April releases!

Fun Times Ahead!

By , 21 January, 2010 8:04 PM

And that, my friends, is HUMOR! I don’t know about you, but I found my romp through both Akatsuki no Goei and Tenkuu no Yumina memorable thanks to the hilarity in both titles. While the former had the Kaito x Tsuki comedy dialogues as its highlight for humor, the former had wacky high school hijinks and a bubbly heroine who can be just as goofy as she is serious. Ah, hilarity, how I’ve missed you so much. ;_;

The fight... And the conclusion!

Yumina FD‘s ADV trial starts off with the fight between Yumina and Nayuta ending in a stalemate, with both sides evenly matched in votes. Nayuta, with the right to vote as student council president and therefore break the tie in her favor, puts forward a proposal instead: that in exchange for her voting right, they have a rematch instead, during the summer holidays. Attached to her offer, however, is a condition: that Yumina’s club must surrender Akashima Ayumu to the Student Council! Ayumu is shocked, while Kirara and Ai decide to leave the decision to Yumina. Surprised, Yumina finds it hard to choose between the rematch or Ayumu…

…Until she remembers that it was his fault that she got into this whole mess in the first place, and that if she forfeits this chance then she’ll have to repeat the year. NO CHOICE THERE, so off Ayumu goes! And thus begins a new life for Ayumu, with the Student Council.

The trial ends once the full 8 days preparation before the finals have passed, and Ayumu has done all the recruiting he can do. My thoughts? Omg, I loved Nayuta the moment she appeared in Yumina – there was just no way in hell I could resist Shizuka Ito + tsundere character combo! – so seeing more of her is definitely a BIG plus with me. I also liked the miko sisters a lot, so more scenes involving them were yay!

From what I’ve seen, Nayuta is DEFINITELY gonna be my heroine pick come Yumina FD. Ah, Nayuta~ That, and I’m hoping for more Beldadia and Eupushira (WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEIR ROMANIZED NAMES?!? I DON’T KNOW!), because more of them is ALWAYS good.

That's Kaito's buddy's sister...forgot their names, meh SNARL

On to Akatsuki no Goei’s next installment’s trial. It starts off with something pretty serious, then shifts to Kaito, then the trial goes on until you see this bloodied girl with a sword voiced by Shizuka Ito, then it ends. Talk about an enlightening summary of the trial, eh? Well that’s because I pretty much prioritized the scenes with Tsuki over anything else, mostly because I missed the humor that abounds from such scenes, and also because I needed to hear more of Tsuki’s sarcastic exchanges. TSUKI IS BEST!

Oh yeah, and the trial hints at some pretty serious stuff that’s about to happen, and various shit is about to go down. Tons of foreshadowing, you know how it goes, though personally I’d rather not get too intrigued and involved seeing as the release for this one is FUCKING APRIL. I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG YO. So I decided to instead have my fill of Tsuki from the trial. YAY PRODUCTIVITY!

Dinner date gone wrong I'm sparing you the trauma you might incur from seeing these two FUCKING IT'S A PANTSU RAID Crazy psycho girl on the loose

Also Syangrila’s still got that “all you foreign IPs are blocked from our website hahaha go fuck yourselves” thing, just like Yuzusoft, so I can’t exactly link to their site and shit. What I can do instead is link you here, to the title’s getchu page, where you can download the trial yourself! Wheee!

Last, but not least! Ha! Bet you didn’t see this coming. Demo trailer for Ikusa Megami VERITA! IKUSA MEGAMI VERITA, MOTHERFUCKERS.

Thoughts? FUCK YES!

The main site also updated, so go check it out! It’s also slated for a 4/23 release…HOOOOLY SHIT APRIL IS GONNA BE EPIC. Check out the Character page! Check out the System page! Check out the Sample CG page! And the Download page! HOLY SHIT JUST CHECK IT OUT, GODDAMMIT!

I wanted more Ikusa Megami ass kicking, and this looks like it’s gonna fulfill that desperate itch, and then some MORE! And widescreen too! OHGAWD THIS IS JUST TOO EPIC *faints from sensory overload*


By , 27 December, 2009 11:43 PM

Welcome to the world of Meishoku no Reiki, Eushully’s conquest SLG title. You take on the role of Ignat, a badder-than-bad dude who’s like a mix between a dragon and some real fucked up demon, and who commands a country that’s comprised of orcs, demons, and various other creatures who are definitely not known for their warm-heartedness and willingness to talk problems over. No, these motherfuckers are out for blood, and so are you.

As a conquest SLG, you have the choice of conquering one, some, or all of the countries, or even allying with the rest, with endings depending on which countries you conquer and who you capture. And by who you capture, this of course refers to the heroines, all in various countries. Some countries are easy to take, as if they were made just for you to trample over (which is really what they’re for!), while some would prefer to amass huge armies and play a really screwed-up version of tag, often ending in big bad demon spanking sessions for you AND your whole army should you come unprepared.

While you take on the role of Igaat, the story doesn’t really take on his character for the narrative. Most of it unfolds through the eyes of Silfietta, the elven heroine, who decided to willingly bring herself to Ignat’s castle as part of a treaty between Zerf Grace (Ignat’s kingdom) and Lua Gracemeil (Silfietta’s kingdom where she is known as a princess). That was one of the two choices that Ignat gave Lua Gracemeil: to either surrender and relinquish their kingdom’s full control over to Zerf Grace, or to hand over Silfietta to Ignat. Silfietta, at the start of the game, is shown willingly bringing herself to Ignat’s kingdom, but is then treated as a mere slave by both Ignat and Tilly, Ignat’s second-in-command. It is then revealed that the reason that Ignat wanted Silfietta was for her magical affinity, as with it, he could make himself much, much stronger. Silfietta then makes a plea with Ignat, that while he is free to obtain as much “magic” from her as he wants (you know how it is…with intimate contact no less!), she hopes he will let her keep her virginity intact.

Like there’s a fuckchance of that happening! One of the best units you can ever get is obtained by fucking the living shit out of her! And I MEAN, best unit ever! But that’s getting too far ahead of myself.

When you begin the gameplay, you’ll find that your kingdom, Zerf Grace, is at the center of the entire continent, which is not a very nice position to begin with, seeing as it leaves your butt open from every angle. Locations are connected to each other by lines, and if you’ve played Eien no Aselia or Seinarukana then you’ll know how that looks, and how unit movement works. You can have a maximum of 4 units in a group (though the actual number of units you can have in a group depends on how many troops a group leader can accommodate), with a maximum of 10 groups. Every action that you choose to do, whether it be reorganizing your troops, using your magic to do various things from, sending our your troops, or constructing something, always takes up time. The bar in the lower right corner of the screen will move once you choose to do something, stopping only once the corresponding time for the action that you chose to execute is done. Once it reaches 100, the turn will be over.

Unlike Sengoku Rance (which is what I’m using as a comparison because it’s the one SLG that everyone is familiar with at the moment), your enemies don’t take their moves after your turn is up. They take their moves at the same time you do, which means more careful planning and strategy in order to make sure that you don’t get caught unaware. Battles occur whenever units encounter each other in the field, or whenever your units try to move into a city (and vice versa), and should Ignat fall in battle, it spells an instant Game Over. There is a lot of available units for you to pick from and put into Ignat’s army, with even a few special heroes from Eushully’s other games (should you have the Append Disk for Meishoku no Reiki as well). The gameplay is fun and frantic at the same time: trying to meet requirements for certain endings within turn counts while fending off enemies and trying to upgrade your units (which is done by making them gain full “exp”, then using an item to upgrade them) makes for a totally entertaining experience and can suck away several hours worth of your time without you even knowing.

Despite that, though, the gameplay is unintuitive, and it takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how the entire system works. Once you do, however, you can be assured that you’re in for a fun ride, gameplay-wise.

With regards to the story, since most of the narrative and plot progression done mostly through SIlfietta’s actions, that doesn’t mean that Ignat takes a backseat. I mean to say that most of the narrative that carries weight relative to the plot: like, what is Ignat and how did he come to be as such, what is Tilly’s purpose, and such – most of the questions that the game brings up are to be addressed and answered by Silfietta’s actions in the game. Ignat’s role is to be the bad-ass overlord that’s out there conquering countries, taking down rulers, and enslaving all the women (for his personal use), which shows in most of the game’s boss battles and H scenes. Despite the whole evil bad guy thing going for Ignat, he’s an awesome lead, on par with Himegari’s Emilio – between the two, I wouldn’t know who to root for if they came to trading blows.

Which, I guess, is part of the reason why I ended up not liking Silfietta as much as I wanted to. They presented her as an oppressed, tragic heroine simply with the purest of intentions, sure, but in light of Ignat’s character, goddamn woman, I could hardly care less – when you have someone that awesome, fuck it, who cares about weepy, tragic characters! Some of the other heroines, however, were just utterly delishuz, like the female knight from this kingdom who comes together with an equally delishuz princess (should you choose to capture them both).

The best character in the game, hands down, is Seobit. Despite all the delishuz heroines, Seobit takes the cake: not only is the one of the most powerful units in game, she’s also unbelievably hilarious and awesome. I guarantee you, the scenes you will get with child Seobit will make you laugh your ass off – which will come rather unexpected in a game like Meishoku no Reiki, given its dark and serious nature. But it’s actually nice to have, and the humor won’t feel disjointed and leave you going “wtf but I thought-”, as I appreciated all the laughs that child Seobit brought. And it doesn’t stop there! Teenaged Seobit’s got some hilarious scenes as well, and mature Seobit’s a mix between hilarious and awesome, much like her father Ignat (THAT is a goddamn good hint on how to get her!). If you’ve played Himegari, you can think of Seobit as the prototype Lily. Hell, Eushully even came out with an entire scenario revolving around Seobit, just because she was THAT great (which is available through the Append Disk)! In it, they expounded more on the humor, and even lampooned the game itself.

Seobit's Playtime: Anytime, Anywhere Nice clothes don't matter in BATTLE! NEKKID IS FINE! Having an army doesn't save you from a demon with daddy issues.

Trust me when I say Meishoku no Reiki is a MUST HAVE for SLG fans out there. It’s definitely a great title, and worth investing some time into. Now: Ignat versus Emilio! Who would win?! Who would lose?! Or would these motherfuckers team up together and proceed to assrape everyone instead!? Who knows! But I damn hell definitely want to see something like that!


By , 28 September, 2009 10:09 PM

The Maou, in all his glory... ...Well at least he USED to be intimidating!

Himegari Dungeon Meister! Follow the adventures of a Maou who, after his defeat, ends up as a wandering spirit until one of his familiar demons, Lily (or whatever you name her) discovers him. Weakened and close to vanishing from existence, the Maou tells Lily to head above ground and to find him a suitable container for his soul in order to make his return possible. While Lily’s got the heart and loyalty to follow the Maou’s orders, she doesn’t quite have much in terms of experience, and despite her bumbling nature the guy has no choice but to leave his fate in her hands as all his other more capable subordinates and demons were slaughtered before he was sealed away and she’s the only one he’s got left to use. Lily then successfully makes her way above ground and starts to search for a proper vessel for the Maou when she trips, sending the Maou’s soul flying…and right into the body of a small human named Emilio. Who is, coincidentally, serving as the gardener of the Princess who was responsible for sealing the Maou’s original body away. Despite this massive fuck-up, the Maou (henceforth referred to as Emilio) starts hatching schemes as to how he can retrieve his former body, with Lily as his willing but incapable subordinate.

That’s the prologue of Himegari Dungeon Meister in a nutshell. It’s got a mix of RPG and ADV, with the RPG manifesting itself in SRPG-style movement and combat systems through an ever-progressing subterranean dungeon.Out of all the elements of Himegari, I’d say the gameplay is what really drew me in first and kept me hooked, so I guess I should talk about that first.

As I mentioned earlier, the dungeons are laid out in an SRPG manner, with movement done by clicking on the appropriate square containing the area where you want to go. If there’s an enemy occupying that area, combat begins, with a maximum of two turns allotted for the fighting. If your unit eliminates the enemy then they get to occupy that area, and if they didn’t then they end up falling back one tile. You can have a maximum of nine units out in every dungeons, barring story limitations, though bringing out units reduces your maximum mana and you can only put out units around a captured mana pillar.

The intermission screen FIGHT!

Most of the dungeon trekking will have you eliminating every enemy and taking their stronghold in order to progress to the next area, save for some dungeons with special objectives (such as the one where you have to play hide-and-seek with Estelle). Dungeons may also contain items, cards (they give random effects), or traps as well as secret areas discoverable only with units that have a certain skill. And as their Maou, of course, Emilio can utilize various spells to aid his units’ progression, which uses up Mana in the process: there are spells to heal his units, teleport them to various occupied areas, summon them back and bring them out of the battlefield, and many more.

Most of the units can equip only one type of weaponry as accessible in the Item menu, while Lily can equip virtually all the weapons in your repertoire, making her a very important character to have. Initially you will have Lily AND ONLY LILY as your usable unit, but later on you can capture enemy troops and subjugate them to your command – capture enough of them and you will be able to summon them at will for your use! You can also recruit or capture then brainwash special characters, depending on your route progression. Characters like Sylphine, Estelle, Sassoone, Vidal, Nelly, Tiofania, and Oktavia are available only through certain routes or brainwashing, while Femme, Colette, Bridget and Oktavia will join you after certain stages, with the Eushully maids obtainable only through cards.

Sylphine! And her maids!

When dealing with captured units, you can either do the aforementioned brainwashing and subjugation to turn them into your units, OR you can choose to turn them into magical sustenance by raping the ever-loving shit out of them having them participate in a ritual against their will! You can do this for most of the enemy units, even the special ones (though with those characters they also get story-related scenes so HURRAH but you only gain mana and not incur their deaths) – Lily even gets stat boosts from certain units when you pull this off. Doing so however will increase your Chaos rating by 1 every time you do it, and will result in the permanent loss of that unit after the ritual (since they DIE and all). The mana that you get from these rituals can be used for in-dungeon spells, power up your weapons, or H up Lily to boost her various stats and affect her alignment while in dungeons. You also get clear points by completing an area’s objectives, and the faster you finish the more points you get, which you can then use for enemy summoning, item synthesis, for ranking up Emilio’s abilities or to level up Lily into her next stage of development.

Uhh….yeah. Top row are samples of the scenes with the generic enemy units, while the lower row are three from Lily’s Law H scenes with the mana ritual scenes of special characters added. Just to spice things up for your fapping pleasure give you an idea of how those things go. WOW THAT TOOK A FUCKLOAD OF WORDS, so to sum it all up, the gameplay is pretty great and fun to get into, even if the random stat boosts while levelling was, is, and forever a bitch because of all the save-load fuckery that I kept doing due to my obsessive nature to get the best points I could get.

Now for the story and characters. First off, I LOVE LILY OMG! And that’s not just because Kazane, who is one of my most-favorite seiyuus EVAR, voices Lily. No, sirree, it’s because she’s wacky, loyal, and awesome. She’s also the “improved” version of another of Eushully’s characters from an earlier game: Seobit, of Meishoku no Reiki (TOO BAD I WON’T BE TALKING ABOUT THAT TITLE HERE! HAH!) which doubles her awesomeness.And Emilio, depending on how your alignment goes and which routes you go into, turns into one badass antihero, or one evil dude who eats babies for breakfast, lunch and dinner then spits out the bones and pisses on them. Sylphine’s another one of my favorite bishoujos in this titles, partly because she’s weak and vulnerable yet determined and we all know that’s pretty moe, but mostly because of her route which I’ll cover later. Not to mention her maids, who are just as om nom nom delishuz as Sylphine is.

There’s Estelle and her companions as well; too bad you only get to access Estelle’s route down the Chaos path once you’ve turned her into your brainwashed loyal subservient bitch, cause she’s too much of a HERO OF JUSTICE to ally herself with you. That’s pretty much her character in a nutshell. GO JUSTICE, DOWN WITH MAOU, BOOOOOOO MAOU! Deirdre CLEARLY appears to have NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE whatsoever, she’s just there to test Maou Emilio’s ablities, you know? OBVIOUSLY SHE HAS NO SECRET PLOTS NOR DOES SHE HAVE ANY HIDDEN AGENDA THAT INVOLVES MANIPULATING EVERYONE AS HER PAWN IN ORDER TO GAIN A SECRET POWER THAT EVERYONE BELIEVES IS SAFELY LOCKED AWAY FROM ANYONE’S GRASP. No, she doesn’t; she is just, as Lily calls her, a “hentai-san”.

Emilio must be totally pleased... ...Now that all that fucking with Lily pays off!

Route-wise, aside from the story’s major twists here and there, they were as predictable as could be expected. The Chaos routes present Emilio in a manner befitting that of a Maou, with him being evil, ruthless and stuff like that, while the Law routes have Emilio having a change of heart and reviving as the Maou but using his army for self-preservation instead of spreading anarchy throughout the lands. The best route for me would be Sylphine’s, as a lot of things happen in it enough to change her from a suffering, tragic character who believes that she must live up to the idea of a hero in order to protect her people, to a pragmatic leader in the harsh face of helplessness and reality. Even Emilio’s role in the face of Sylphine’s character development was a very welcome one, though I kinda wanted something more concrete between them in terms of closure. I don’t really want to spoil much of what happens there so I’d recommend you go and CHECK IT OUT INSTEAD, seeing as there’s also delishuz Sylphine ichaicha to be had! All the routes pale in comparison and content to Sylphine’s, IMO, and that’s just not my character preference talking. I guess the second best route would be the Harem one, if only because of its unintended hilarity.

Between SWEET SWEET SYLPHINE LOVING... ...Or a crazy... ...Unintendedly hilarious harem... ...Which would you pick?

Let’s see…what else is there? Oh yeah, the menus are all nice and it’s fun to notice the random things like what appears to be Lily’s scribbles, the interface is still the same old Eushully one that we’ve all come to know and get familiar with, the music is relatively decent even though there are some looping pieces that sound rather uninspired and monotonous which never fails to drive me to play something from my foobar playlist instead, and the voice acting is decent, even nice to listen to in some scenes. Combat effects are simple but nice, and I love it when Lily wields the whip-sword-like weapon. And I STILL love those Raumakl angel demons or however you put their name romanized.

It might have its shortcomings, but to put it neatly, GET HIMEGARI! At the very least it’ll be a very good filler until Ikusa Megami Episode 0 Verita comes out!

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