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Crazy Sex Abounds!

By , 19 January, 2010 5:30 AM

First off, apologies to anybody who tried to leave comments last week only to find out that they weren’t able to. I was testing around with some stuff, hopefully it should be all okay and back to normal now.

With an imouto like this... Restraint is a must!

That right there is Mio from Fault!!, Ciel’s latest title. Shes also your twintailed, tsundere imouto voiced by Aoba Ringo! At that point I just threw up my hands in surrender, knowing full well that it’d be inevitable for me but to pick her route first and foremost.

The title’s all about tennis, but really, that’s just an excuse for some drama, romance, and fuckans, whether it be with your succulent imouto, or with a well-endowed but just as succulent, though a bit of an airhead, classmate. Your mileage may vary, but the drama that’s employed by the game isn’t particularly compelling nor is it really interesting. The romance is a bit on the “meh” side; it doesn’t really stand out at all, as there’s hardly anything romantic that occurs!

Which leaves the fuckans!

DON'T WORRY They're not blood-related (as usual)! Now featuring the classmate! JUST GET IN THERE AND HUMP HER DRY

In case you haven’t noticed by now, the art is done by T2, so most of the scenes can be pretty hot thanks to the art. THAT’S T2 ART which might actually be a hit or miss according to some people, but hey for those of you who like it, GO YOU! These ladies are just gorgeous! There’s also the senpai and the sensei if you want to have other choices aside from the imouto or the classmate, but the senpai’s only got two scenes if I recall, while the sensei…eh, I don’t really like her. The classmate’s airhead nature is adorable, the senpai comes off as a sexy and mature onee-san type who loves teasing the lead as well as everyone else, but the teacher comes off as pretty meh to me, just absolutely uninteresting.

I’d recommend Fault!! if you’ve got a real big thing for T2 art, tsundere twintail imouto, or sweet raunchy h scenes (though definitely not on the level of AtoKagu raunchy). If not, I’d say it’s better if you let this one pass.

Now, on to the next one!

Tsundere footjob is best... But loli footjob? OH MY GAWD

That’s right! We now move on to cousins, the ones in Ichapuri!

Picking up from where the trial left off, that is, after the sex scene with the meido, the game then goes to show you how, one by one, the lead bags each of the ladies in turn. First was Sakura, beginning with a one-man masturbation scene, then with an assisted masturbation, leading up to Sakura lying on the bed, spread-eagled and trembling with anticipation. Soon after, CHERRY POPPED AND COUSIN DROPPED! Following that, Koyori’s turn came next, initially starting off with heavy fondling, then to some dry humping. No cherry popping for Koyuri, though! Awwww…but she does make him promise that the next time they do it, THE CHERRY GOES OFF! And last but not the least was Yuzuna, who was so tsundere that the idiot had to ask advice from a third party BEFORE choosing to do what his dick’s been telling him to do all along!

BONE APPETIT! Kupa~ Dry humping, for those loli cherry preserving moments~ Tsun tsun dere dere says DO ME NOW!

Now the imouto’s shown up, who is clearly a big brocon just as much as her oniichan is a big siscon. Wow. At some point in the scene between him and his imouto I was actually surprised that he didn’t do it with her just as he did his cousins! I SUPPOSE SHE DOESN’T WANT ONIICHAN TO BE ALL FICKLE, DOING HER WHEN HIS HEART’S NOT IN IT EH. Imouto wants best! Imouto wants undivided hot dickings, all for her!

She also wants an oniichan semen shower special, apparently... And giving head ain't no bother for her!

If you want some hearty cousin fucking with no pangs of regret or guilt attached to the whole thing, look no further than Ichapuri! With utterly scrumptious cousins (and imouto and some other loli) whose willingness to get fucked beats any charitable good samaritan goodwill any day of the week, there’s no reason not to enjoy the ichaicha goodness! Admittedly, it’s not as hilarious as I was expecting it to be, but if you want a crazy sex romp, then this crazy sex romp’s for you!

As for me, I’m going back to Shukufu no Campanella before my thesis consumes every living hour of the remaining days of January! NOOOOOO! I NEED MY FREEDOM!

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