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Much Love for Harems

By , 15 December, 2010 3:50 AM

It’s time for that again! Yes, yes, I know I made like two posts on the matter, but what can I say. You can’t keep a good harem meister down for long, this world just holds many wonders that must be explored! Battles to be fought! Bishoujos to be conquered! Routes to be completed! Such is the path of the enthusiast!

So allow me to indulge in my enthusiasm by creating my updated harem list (which obviously will not stay canon for long considering the titles to be released next year, THANK YOU KAMIDORI ALCHEMY MEISTER) involving bishoujos from the games I’ve played that were released on 2008 onwards. Plus, it helps knowing that all this was done for fun, just in case some people take this in an overzealous manner.

But before that, the rules!
- Total count of 8 bishoujos + 1 maid
- No anime adaptations
- No characters with similar seiyuu
- Only one girl from a title is allowed

So with that, douzo!

1. Tenrou Kunagi (天楼久 那妓); Title: 大番長-Big Bang Age-; CV: 岩居由希子(Yukiko Iwai)

LIKE HELL KUNAGI ISN’T GONNA BE PART OF THIS LIST. Merry has his Airi, I have my Kunagi! The day Kunagi gets taken off MY list is the day I die! After all, Kunagi is an invaluable asset, due to her insane agility and how early you get access to her in-game. I’ve defended entire territories with just Kunagi alone, as she would just evade everyone’s attack while lashing out with her own nasty counterattacks. It takes some training and a lot of focus on Kunagi, but it is damn well worth it.

Character-wise, “focused” helps in describing her character. Kunagi’s the kind of character that can barely be fazed by anything that happens (except for things that happen in bed, kukuku~), not because she’s an ice queen but because she has an inner calm that comes from a strong resolve and presence of mind. I suppose part of that is due to her having lived as a wolf for some time, as well as the events in her past and the burden she chose to bear . She’s not an ice queen nor is she emotionally distant from everyone as she does involve herself with others, which is a good balance as her character leans away from extremes. Plus, in any fight, it helps to have a calm, reasonable head in order to adapt to anything and stay one step ahead of the enemy, and Kunagi’s exactly that. Not to mention, being utterly hard to hit is a major plus.

During lovemaking, Kunagi is just crazy awesome. She’s not only open to the act, but is also willing to serve in order to pleasure her partner, or be served in order to be pleasured. She still gets embarrassed moments, of course, and tends to initially reject anything she’s unfamiliar with, or seems abnormal, but once she gets drowned in the pleasure – the whole thing with her just turns crazy hot. And once she starts to lose herself to the pleasure, her crooning, passionate moans just echo in my head, reverberates through my body, erases all thought and makes the entire scene just THAT much more succulent and sensual. Gives me the chills. Never mind the reprimands and the physical payback that she’d deal out afterward thanks to being ashamed, but it’s all PART OF THE LOVE, BABY. Also the hilarious fact that, gameplay-wise, fucking her restores up to 50% health…is this an incentive for me to go out there and get injured just to get some healing fuckans?

It’s a damn shame that she can’t maintain her adult form due to the stress that it takes on her, but hell…considering the rest of my harem’s members, I’m sure there’s no problem I’ll be able to solve. And her outfit sense? I love that shit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone resembling Kunagi, which is a good thing considering how generic and identical looking characters are in contemporary titles.

2. Narukana (ナルカナ); Title: 聖なるかな; CV: 一色ヒカル(Hikaru Issiki)

Yes, I have a fetish for women wearing Japanese-fashioned outfits. It’s apparent with Kunagi, and it’s also apparent with Narukana. I also have a thing for utterly gorgeous, graceful bishoujos with long, dark hair. But that’s not the full extent of it! If Kunagi is a wolf on the battlefield, Narukana would be a goddamn tsunami wailing down on her enemies without mercy. The most-beautiful, most-powerful and most-merciful (all of those are self-proclaimed) Narukana, the incarnation of Rank 1 Murakumo, definitely has a spot in my harem.

Gameplay-wise, Narukana is just a beast, dubbed the “can I win now button” by those who played Seinarukana during it’s release. And by hell does that nickname truly live up to her performance. Despite being an innate Red element, she can freely use all five elements for attack, defense or support, and her stats as well as her skills puts her above everyone else in terms on combat performance. She can literally tear up an entire battlefield all by herself without breaking a sweat – provided of course that IT or clear rank is of no concern. And it’s worth noting that her power is exponentially limited due to these two factors: one, that Murakumo has been sealed into various parts, and second, that Murakumo’s true power only shows once a wielder contracts with it. Truly a powerful and fearsome Eien Shinken, and that’s not counting the fact that Murakumo’s power is Naru mana!

But to focus too much on the weapon is to lose sight of the bishoujo that makes it so valuable! Narukana, as the incarnation of Murakumo, didn’t just manage to tug my heartstrings because of her power, but also because of her absolutely awesome, mind-blowing greatness (any less praise would be deemed unworthy by Narukana, you see). Shallow, childish, self-centered, arrogant, airheaded, petty, trivial, insensitive (I should stop here before I meet my untimely end) on the surface, yet actually compassionate, caring, responsible, and considerate deep within, the character that she presents to others is a result of her insecurities and doubts due to her – Murakumo’s – nature as a “cursed sword” and “bane of existence”. The scenes of her selfishly helping herself to Nozomu’s manga and snacks while reading all day, or pretending to know the solution for helping Nozomi, Satsuki and Salles, were indeed adorable and amusing, but her true worth shines when her facade is all cleared away. Once Narukana revealed her nagging doubts and her suppressed feelings, that was it for me. GAME OVER MAN.

Sure, she only had one H scene in-game, but who’s to say that there can’t be any more? (*´Д`)ハァハァ

3. Shihoudo Narika (四方堂 ナリカ); Title: 超昂閃忍ハルカ; CV: 青葉りんご(Ringo Aoba)

Aoba Ringo playing a pink-haired twintail tsundere pettanko ninja whose weapon is a huge four-bladed shuriken that is actually a four-winged pink snake thing when not in use? What’s there not to like? Part of the cheerleading club, and is competent with cooking and other household chores, she’s also a brutal landlady – capable of detecting and pinpointing any and all porn that might be hidden in the vicinity. As if I’d NEED any other porn when Narika’s around, ha! Fast and agile (as fast as Kunagi, if Widenyo is to be believed) thanks to her petite figure and training, I’d rely on Narika for information gathering and spying, particularly on enemies – after all, that’s what ninjas were originally used for. I’d also rely on her for providing cooking, washing and the like for me and the rest of my harem members; while most of them are living breathing beings capable of mass destruction in the blink of an eye, basic cooking skills seem to have passed them by.

Of course, seeing as she’s a tsundere, I’d have to carefully balance her tsuntsun and deredere! Not that tsuntsun Narika isn’t any cute…just that she might end up not making food out of too much tsun, and I don’t want to starve to death. With regards to fighting, seeing as she’s a Sennin, she’s definitely capable of holding her own in combat with her martial skills and her big-ass shuriken. If her abilities aren’t sufficient…there’s always the ichaicha road to power! Besides, seeing as Chouko Sennin mode requires a lot of…*ahem* power-ups to be done, it’s definitely a welcome option to power up Narika everyday!

Seeing as her power is fire, it’s appropriate for her fiery tsundere personality. It’s also perfect for keeping the fires of love burning, baby! Narika is definitely open to a lot of things when it comes to fuckans…just that I’d prefer to stay away from the stuff that’d turn her into Dark Narika.

4. Asuku San (明日宿 傘); Title: いつか、届く、あの空に。; CV: ひと美(Hitomi)

The unforgettable oneesan figure with a more-than-murderous killing intent hidden beneath her gentle facade. If I ever wanted an entire city obliterated without resorting to Narukana, I’d bring her to that city, tell her they ran out of ice cream and that they think she’s fat, and run the flying fuck out of there as the carnage begins. She faced down a freaking tank with absolutely no damage, after all – and then sliced the shit in half! She’s probably deadlier than Hei of Darker than Black when it comes to assassination. Shit won’t be pretty once she’s done wreaking havoc, guaranteed, and I doubt anything would survive once she’s on the warpath. Seeing as not only conventional weapons, like tanks, don’t have any effect on her, but also magic and such, San is the absolute counter-measure to ANYTHING. Maybe even a nuclear warhead. I don’t know. Just hope you don’t end up on the opposite end of her “parasol” or have to find out.

Let’s see: ponytail, check. White-grayish hair, check. Weapon that functions as a parasol, that also functions as a perpetual black hole capable of producing food wherever and whenever in order to sate her insane appetites while still able to keep her ridiculously sexy figure, check. San also serves an important function, not just in battle, but also outside of it. Her tranquil, peaceful, easygoing demeanor would help keep everyone’s spirits calm and relaxed in everyday life. Her usual mannerisms makes me go “fuwafuwa” as it’s not just relaxing, but cute as hell. As a senpai and an oneesan, she also fulfills that role well: giving advice when it counts, helping out whenever she needs to, despite being an overall mysterious figure. I wouldn’t want to let her get into my food reserves though. She’d blow through those just as fast as she’d destroy an entire battalion.

Fuckans-wise, San might take a bit more convincing seeing as her H scene in the game was “forced”, but that doesn’t mean it can stop there! I demand San ashikoki! YES! San deserves much love, and I’m here to give it to her! Hmm, I wonder if I can win the way to her bed with food…

5. Fujita Nodoka (藤田 のどか); Title: PARA-SOL; CV: 理多(Rita)

Fujita Nodoka! Codename Keraunos, there is nothing her sword cannot cut! That’s actually in-game, and it is also Nodoka’s ability. Her ability to cleave heavily relies on her aptitude, however, so she can’t just cleave everything without breaking a sweat, unlike, say, San. She is more than capable of handling her sword and fighting enemies tougher than her, thanks to her being a PARASOL. As Nodoka, however, she is very versatile with household help, far better than Narika’s level as Nodoka learned how to become an effective maid. She can handle cooking with ease, laundy is no problem for her, cleaning is no sweat, shopping’s a breeze, and she’s particularly good with waking people up. “Coffee, me, or a knife slitting the jugular” is her usual offer early in the mornin-err, I think I’d like to skip that last option please.

Whenever she’s around others, she’s the perfect ideal wife given flesh. Reserved, friendly and helpful to everyone – but get her alone, and she turns into a completely different person provided that the person she’s with knows of her PARASOL nature. This violent side of her tingles my doM instincts so bad, I can’t help but swoon – and sweat profusely – whenever she does her violent “affectionate gestures”. In case I forget anything, Nodoka would be glad to help refresh my memory by swiftly stabbing a katana mere centimeters from my head! I don’t know how effective that would be, but she’d be more than happy to provide the assistance – whether I’d like it or not. It’s this insane tension that partly draws me to Nodoka’s character – the other part being her battle performance, of course!

When it comes to matters of more intimate concerns, Nodoka does not disappoint. Her affectionate, sweet nature reminds me of a cat, one that is as capable of snuggling close to you as much as baring its claws. Of course, that just makes the whole thing more exciting! She’s also willing to bump uglies not just in bed but also on the rooftop, or in the bath, as long as the mood drives her! Which is JUST PERFECT.

6. Sakaue Tsukuyo (坂上 月夜); Title: 天空のユミナ; CV: 里見小春(Satomi Koharu)

Tsukuyo! The adorably adorable miko in Yumina, who unlike her crazy tsundere sister Youko, believes that everyone should just get along. That’s not to say that she’s naive, just that she’s idealistic and pure-minded. Such purity, of course, matches her miko nature perfectly. Plus, when have you ever seen a miko kicking ass with her twin, albeit big-ass, fans alone? Unlike her sister Youko who uses black element, Tsukuyo uses blue element, which fits her calm and ever-gentle demeanor.

In combat, her use of fans and spell cards makes her a valuable member. While not as destructive as the other members of my harem, her graceful attacks as well as her ability to vanish enemy skills is a handy advantage. Outside of combat, she’s definitely a refreshing sight to behold, and I’m sure that she’s more than glad to play that role of being able to make everyone’s spirits relax.

When it comes to the fuckans, Tsukuyo isn’t as pure as her sister apparently believed – after all, a woman like Tsukuyo has needs and desires too! Needs and desires that I’d more than be willing to meet!

7. Saginomiya Sunao (鷺宮 沙生); Title: クレナイノツキ; CV: 中瀬ひな(Hina Nakase)

The words “ideal wife” would fit Sunao perfectly. She’s good with any and all household chores, which is even more impressive considering that she makes do without any of the convenience seen in any contemporary home. Plus, I really love Sunao’s design. While I think long black hair would suit her more, her hair is just fine the way it is. Sunao’s charm is more about her character traits – being the perfect wife – as well as her “Oni” blood. She’s also a miko, to boot!

Thanks to her Oni disposition, Sunao’s fighting ability would probably be on the same level as Kunagi’s, only more brutal as Sunao. Her value in my harem isn’t just for fighting, of course, as being the perfect wife material plays a large part. She’s not only talented in various things (like flower arrangement, never mind her clumsiness with anything regarding technology or the modern world), she’s also graceful, lithe, and most of all, loyal. She’s also competent when it comes to keeping her calm during times of crisis, as well as restoring order in order to avoid panic. Her versatility both in and out of combat makes Sunao very important to my harem!

When it comes to the ichaicha, Sunao is predictably shy and embarrassed about such things, but nevertheless tends to get herself swept up in the heat of the moment. After all, beneath that perfect wife demeanor lies a fiery spirit just raging with passion! I just have to make sure that she doesn’t run off with any of my underwear while she’s washing them, obviously, because Sunao gets…ideas whenever her passion starts to overflow. And I’d gladly provide more loving in order to sate those barely-restrained appetites!

8. Rekshumi Parabellum (レクシュミ・パラベルム); Title: 戦女神ZERO; CV: 緒田マリ(Mari Oda)

Finally, a twin sword user in my harem! Rekshumi Parabellum, also known as the Red Shield of Leuinia, with utmost dedication to Mizu no Miko. She’s an entirely capable general, something that my harem can benefit from during battles, as a commanding presence is necessary to guide all my WMD-grade bishoujos effectively in combat. Rekshumi’s also more than capable of fending for herself in battle; while she might not have spells or the like, her skills with the sword are more than enough for her survival. She’s a woman who pushes herself above and beyond the call of duty, all for the sake of dedication and accomplishing her goal in order to protect those she cares for. That dedication to Mizu no Miko isn’t just about loyalty; it also functions both ways, as Mizu no Miko can use Rekshumi as a conduit for her power should the need arise.

With such a straitlaced character, however, Rekshumi is fazed by things such as intimate relations with the opposite sex; something she believes to have outgrown, but, as her scene with Celica has proven, was not entirely the case. After being enlightened with regards to the intricacies of sex, Rekshumi seems to have a more open mind about it – provided that it does not deter her from her duties, of course. That I can live with!

Outside of combat, I’m not so sure how Rekshumi would help. She’s used to being surrounded by maids and living in comfort in her mansion in Leuinia, so I’m not really sure how that would play out. But when it comes to the loving, I’m all for it.

Maid: Ekria Femlins (エクリア・フェミリンス); Title: 戦女神VERITA; CV: 風音(Kazane)

Last, but nowhere near the least, my trump card, Ekria Femlins. As the Princess General of Karussha, she manipulated the rulers of various countries and had them oppose Louie’s Empire after a negotiation between Menphil and Karussha resulted in the murder of Karussha’s representative. Behind the scenes, she orchestrated events in order to spread chaos and war, brought about by the Curse of Femlins taking it’s toll on Ekria’s soul. In the final encounter with Louie and company deep within Femlins Shrine, Ekria ends up killing her sister Irina in order to liberate Femlin’s power further, but loses and ends up exiled by Louie. Torn by grief and despair, she seeks out Celica in the hopes that he would live up to his promise – that if she wishes to die, all she has to do is appear before him and say so. After a long journey of seeking death, she ends up becoming Celica’s first ever apostle instead, due to the similar nature of their fates and how both are viewed by the world as unwanted existences.

Not only is she cunning and strategic, as shown by the extent to which she manipulated events, people and circumstances in Genrin 2, but Ekria is also a formidable all-around mage and fighter. She wields a whipsword, and is more than deadly with it in battle; not only that, she can use powerful AOE magic (in Genrin 2) as well as utilize arcane, strengthening and ice magic (in VERITA). Due to the Curse of Femlins on her, Ekria’s ability is easily beyond the scope of any normal human. Including her becoming Celica’s apprentice, her abilities are vastly improved, and it’s safe to say that she can hold her own against any high-ranking Majin. Her knowledge of the arcane and divine arts, her commanding presence and ability, as well as her aptitude with her whipsword, makes for a very lethal combination once she’s on the battlefield.

While fearsome in battle, Ekria Femlins also excels at other things, such as: being the absolute perfect maid! In order to please her Master, Ekria brushed up on various things that maids do, and while she was clumsy at it from the beginning, her skills improved fast. After all, when you’re immortal, you have a lot of time to learn things. Her ability at cooking, laundry, cleaning, as well as providing overall service is top-notch, even god-like, so much that if she could win battles with her maid skills alone, they’d all be unrivaled, flawless victories. With a maid like her, I would hardly have the need for any other!

And I’m not going to forget about the *cough* other service that Ekria is willing to provide to her goshujin-sama. Ekria is not only completely willing and able when it comes to doing the naughty, but she can also take the initiative as well as be the one to try out new things. As long as she feels her goshujin-sama needs it, Ekria will do it! In the middle of the enemy’s castle staging a siege? All she needs is an isolated hallway, and bam. Instant gohoubi, all for goshujin-sama’s sake. (*´Д`)ハァハァ

Not only is Ekria the perfect unit in battle, she’s also the perfect complement outside of battle! Ekria banzai!


That settles it for my harem. While Merry sticks with harmony and balance, and warum with his supportive, understanding ladies who are more than willing to dish out footjobs and abuse in the guise of harsh loving, I find that I still go for WMD-grade bishoujos for my harem. Not that it’s a surprise, but most of my bishoujos aren’t just powerful out of potential alone – they’ve also had prior battle experience, making them more dangerous. Keeping a harem like mine might be perceived as bad for one’s health, but that’s what a harem is for! Unrestrained love! Plus I’ve also got bishoujos like Sunao, Tsukuyo, Kunagi and Rekshumi to calm everyone down out of battle, and Ekria to keep everyone disciplined – she does a hell of a job keeping discipline and order enforced. While my bishoujos might be WMD-grade, they’re still able to function (relatively) normal in society, and they’re not as unbalanced as one might think!

My no-need-to-worry list? Basically any type of household chore, food, clothing, survival in combat, and raunchy loving ichaicha. Any and all threats will be eliminated, and much love will be spread!

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