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Hilarity Ensues

By , 3 February, 2010 7:52 AM
ZUBISHI Don't worry! It's nothing serious, see? Ah, the infinite wonders of the universe...

A few days ago I was reading some eromanga, thoroughly amused at the nice mix of humor and ero, and wondered to myself why not a lot of eroges tried doing the same thing. It’s the perfect medium, after all, as eroges innately have ero with them; why not put in some humor to add to the mix? A good blend of comedy and ero will not only keep people amused, but hungry for more heroine action! Thus far, the only titles I’ve played that had the sense and level of humor I was looking for were Akatsuki no Goei, Honoo no Haramase, Doppuri Nakadashi, and to an extent, Osananajii ha Daitouryou. All those titles are mostly concerned with humor, ad while I know humor isn’t Akatsuki no Goei’s main focus, it does it so well that I can’t help but include it. Every other title I’ve covered only had sprinklings of humor here and there, which while not a bad thing, is just too little a sprinkling of humor for my taste. It might not be obvious, but I LOVE humor, and the lack of its abundance in eroges is enough to bring me to despair.

But after playing Yunibaru!, I was convinced that I was simply looking for the right games in the wrong places (or in this case, companies). This game is FUCKING HILARIOUS, so fucking hilarious that I was laughing my ass off from start to finish. The title is about Daisekai Geshuku, its owner Konoe Shinichiro, and its intriguing inhabitants, to say the least. There residents of Shinichiro’s lodging house are: Watase Megu, an alien who can use Ether; Ayakaze Kanae, a witch who uses magic; and Fu, a god who brings about various misfortunes (mostly upon herself). As for the lead, Shinichiro traveled the world far and wide during his youth, and has only recently settled in Japan, so he’s got a lot of experience in a lot of things. Which comes in handy because, due to the nature of his residents, certain organizations with to “recruit” (and by that I mean kidnap) them in order to further their agenda, and it falls to Shinichiro’s duty as the owner to protect them.

One thing's for sure... You do not fuck with Shinichiro. EVER. Except when he's a tree.

When it comes to the comedy, Yunibaru! pulls no punches. It’s akin to a roller-coaster ride, rarely hitting lull periods as the hilarity just keeps on coming. From the morning incident at the beginning of the game, to the spy incident, and then to the classroom hilarity and so on. Even when the story starts focusing on each heroine’s conflicts and their subsequent resolutions, the humor is still abundantly present. The “sweet talk” and the hitogata incident with Megu, the interrogation and the love hotel scenes with Kanae, and the church face-off with Fu, these are just some examples of said scenes. And let’s not forget the various references present! INAZUMA KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!

The game’s not entirely about humor as it does have some dramatic tensions and action unfold, mostly when Shinichiro’s mother makes her appearance, but even then the comedy is still present! It doesn’t ruin the dramatic tension so much as it strikes up a nice balance, because what Yunibaru! is good at is not taking itself seriously – something that most titles do and end up causing an inconsistency with the humorous material presented beforehand, thereby creating a dissonance with their audience.

I’d love to talk about the humorous scenes that I’ve been giving praises to, but I’m afraid of spoiling the entertainment so I’d rather leave a recommendation instead and have you guys check it out for yourselves. It really IS worth your while if you’ve been craving for some good, hearty laughs.

If comedy’s not exactly your thing and you just want to gawk at the pictures of naked bishoujos willingly submitting themselves before your almighty masculine virility, though, then note that Apricot doesn’t fail in that regard as well. All the ladies are attractive, are designed VERY WELL, and I’m sure one of them is bound to be your fancy! And if you want to know how they are in eroscenes…well, I recommend looking up Newprimus’ post about SisterxSister and reading up on what he had to say about the ero scenes in that one – the raunchiness is a bit toned down, but the sheer sexiness and eroticism of each scene is still alive and kicking in Yunibaru!

So what do you want? Footjob a la Megu? A witch 3P? Toilet fucking with a god? Naughty library time with classmate... Or meido fuku fuckans?

See, aren’t those just DELECTABLE? Sure to tease and please any loins!

The voice’s acting very well done as well. Hitomi voices Megu, Aoyama Yukari voiced Kanae (and her performance is quite remarkable even for me), the seiyuu who voiced Tayutama’s Yumina voices Fu (sorry but I just don’t like that high-pitched tone of voice), Kazane voices Arshes, and Isshiki Hikaru voices Shion (who is just PERFECTLY casted as the attendant in a meido fuku who HATES maids!). All of their performance is perfectly well-done, helping to bring their respectively voiced characters to life. Not only that, but the way they deliver their lines speaks of such vigor that it is actually very enjoyable to hear them act out their roles, especially during certain scenes (and I’m not just talking about the eroscenes here, mind you)!

Now while people might be intrigued to find out just what makes Shinichiro’s residents so special (aside from their obviously special natures), the special one is actually Shinichiro himself – and the game makes this clear early on with the “water tank incident”. What makes him so special? Compared to him, his residents are nothing…but I say, play it to find out!

Now, onto Yumina FD. Again.

I’ve been playing the Omake sections of the game, and while the battles are pretty tough (mostly because of the huge HP that the enemy/enemies have), the scenes both before and after the fights are very much worth it. Three ero scenes are unlocked via the Omake scenes, and via these omake ONLY. But more importantly, the omake events are goddamn HILARIOUS! From the new characters, I’d have to say my favorites would still be Rumine and Lily (don’t worry Luceid, I’m saying favorite, not waifu) for similar reasons – they’re both straightforward, passionate, and because of this they’re pretty much airheads. Rumine has her 2D complex imposing itself on various characters – Beldadia, for one, and also with Nayuta and Yumine with regards to Ayumu; Lily, on the other hand, has her overwhelmingly powerful 超無敵 focused desire for Ayumu. It’s just too bad that Rumine gets featured in three omake scenes while Lily only gets featured in one. Damn you Eternal! You guys created new characters that EVERYONE ends up gushing over! You guys better feature more of them in the future goddammit! If not, 絶対完全絶望 awaits!

THIS FEELING...IT IS CERTAINLY LOVE! DESU~ Sometimes... ...In certain instances... Winning isn't everything... ESPECIALLY IN THIS ONE (Unless you want to pass up Lily fuckans, which is cute as hell mind you)

Last is Kagura Douchuuki, the first title of Debonosu Works (or as some of you might call em, Studio E.go! redux). Their latest one, Kagura Gakuenki was part of the January releases, and since I wanted to try it out I decided I might as well start with Douchuuki first. It involves two mikos who were sent to a small town to investigate the recent disappearances of people (all of them ladies, of course – see where this is going?); you’ve got the katana-wielding miko Ibuki and her kansai-ben, and the naginata-wielding tsundere miko Nazuna. Ibuki’s pretty much an airhead, and she’s the source of the game’s humor via her interactions with other characters. The gameplay is fun to get into as it is an RPG, though it can be pretty grind-intensive.

If you’re into mikos kicking demon ass, then Kagura Douchuuki delivers that via the gameplay. And if you’re into mikos getting violated by demons and the like, then Kagura Douchuuki has that to offer as well! It’s just like Chouko Sennin Haruka or Kleinhasa – if you want to see your heroines submitted to degeneration and humiliation, then just make them lose the fights they get into. This game’s got more miko molestation CGs and scenes than you can shake a stick at!

This is Ibuki And this is Nazuna No, contrary to what you might think... No demon rape happens from these scenes

Ibuki and Nazuna are just too adorable though, so I couldn’t bear the thought of subjecting to lowly demon fornication with tons of humiliation and degeneration involved. Nuuuuuuuu, not my mikos! ;_; Plus, their boke-tsukkomi manzai is always good for some laughs, thanks to Ibuki being the boke and Nazuna playing the tsukkomi.

That’s it for this post! Man, am I glad I tried out Yunibaru! – the damn thing’s got just exactly the kind of humor I was looking for. Yumina FD and Douchuuki weren’t bad themselves, as they were like the appetizers before the main course!

Next: Seirei Tenshou and some more titles! I’ve actually already played Seirei Tenshou AND finished Rur’s route, but the ending I got was meh despite it being the normal ending…so now I’m just waiting for a guide on Seirei Tenshou before I pick it up again (AND GET THE GOOD ENDING THIS TIME AROUND) just to determine what the necessary conditions for the endings are.

EDIT: FUUUUCK I FORGOT! Ikusa Megami Verita’s page updated, introducing more characters! Oh man, it’s really shaping up to be one epic, awesome game! I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR IT AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH-

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