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A Succulent Assortment

By , 20 March, 2009 10:24 PM


Anyone want to sign up for Shogi?

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wizards Climber is about this wizard named Lazlocke (fuck their names are hard to romanize) who encounters a girl named Serisu, who has been waiting outside the Wizard’s Guild for a long while. The gist of the matter is that Serisu comes from a rich and influential family, but her father has been killed and the title of the family head usurped. She knows who the usurper is, but cannot confront him and obtain her proper right as the successor due to her lack of magical talent…so in desperation, she’s been waiting all this time for someone to teach her. Lazlocke agrees to take her in as his apprentice under one condition; that her body be his to use whenever the “craving” strike him. Also, they have three years to prepare Serisu for the upcoming tournament which will help her prove her talent as a Wizard.

Softhouse Chara’s Wizards Climber was a mixed bag for me. While I adored the various customizations and jobs that you could have Serisu take, the battle system draws some rather irked reactions from me. To be honest, I don’t really like it when RPGs wrench from your hands the control over whatever interactivity there is between you and the game. Battles should be firmly left in the hands of the player so I could squeeze from it whatever fun there is to be obtained, not have me simply sitting in the backseat and giving out simple instructions! Because of this I end up bored and disinterested whenever Serisu engages in fights or tower climbing, as I’m left simply waiting for the results to appear, or to tweak some of her tactics whenever needed.

What is fun about Wizards Climber, though, are the characters.

Serisu in a beauty pageant.

Wizards Climber’s got a rather adorable cast, from Serisu to Soshiette, Ieru and especially Viola. Not only are they interesting and amusing, they’ve also got an assortment of ero scenes that’ll leave you asking for more! Since Serisu is the main heroine, it goes without question that she’s got the most number of scenes available, with Ieru and Viola coming in next, and Soshiette along with the other subcharacters coming in last. However, it’s not like you can access the other characters aside from the first go.

Another reason to go to the beach.

Wizards Climber is a game that needs to be repeatedly played, if you wish to explore it in its entirety. The game is not meant to be finished in one run through, as the more you play through it, more features are unlocked ranging from different events available to other heroine routes, with a total of six modes available!

Ah, Viola...LOVE!

Moving on from Wizards Climber, there’ ωstar’s Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo. My interest for this one was spurred by the fandisc’s release, and I figured that if I was going to invest time with it, I should play through the original first. So I did! And the result was…

Mafuyu is just irresistible.

SHIT. I can’t believe I was this late to the party! Kanojo^3 is one of the raunchiest titles I have ever played, easily on-par with AtoKagu’s stuff! Basically the story is that the lead protagonist whose name eludes now used to live in an island, until a dormant volcano decided that it was tired of being dormant and decided to throw a party with everyone involved, whether they liked it or not. An eruption occurs, and everyone is forced off the island, including the lead who now has to live with his relatives. These relatives being three bishoujos of utterly delectable delight. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), their parents are long-dead, and they live off of the family’s ice cream shop.

Reminiscent of Mifuyu's locker tryst in Tayutama (only Yuuri wasn't a freaking semen hydrant)!

Honestly, fuck the story. And I mean it. Sure the ice cream dramatics provide some semblance of distraction, but put that aside – the only thing worth checking out in this one is the ero. BUCKETLOADS OF IT AND MORE! There is a LOT of eroscenes available, enough to oversatiate even the most overzealous carnal connoisseur! There’s a total of four routes selectable (see, there’s a pair of girls that count as one route), plus a harem route.

One of the HOTTEST scenes available.

The selection is done by picking which girl you’re interested in from the world map, with a set number of days available before the game puts you down a certain route. I’ve only finished Mafuyu’s route, and am going down Akina’s route at the moment, but JESUS, the ero is…definitely worth checking out. Both voice acting and the CGs complement each other very well, especially when it comes to those scenes!

And lastly, Atelier Kaguya’s Sarasara Sasara.

Oh GOD I want you so bad!

Newprimus has already written up the game’s backstory so there’s no need for me to expound on it. Aside from the usual “it’s AtoKagu, what do you expect?” comment that I could make, complete with snide rolling-eyes gesture, it has its share of improvements over Prima Stella, and some shortcomings as well, though I would say that this is loads better over Prima Stella. For one thing, the main guy doesn’t go around boning every girl before he makes a decision as to who to pick (which must come as a bit of shock to some people). Every ero scene up until the branching point is made through the “world of dreams”, a select power made available to Hiroki due to his contract with Tsukimi.

Me and Zak believe that this game is what must be AtoKagu’s homage to Ar tonelico. The ero scenes are actually Dives! The two mikos‘ hair color resembles Ruka Truelywaath’s and Croche Latie Pastalia’s, not to mention that both Reyvtails are also mikos! Tsukimi is similar to Shurelia not only in her hair color but in her childishness and possessiveness! I SEE, IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

The aforementioned Contract between Hiroki and Tsukimi is as you see here.


Delicious Tsuki, all clamped down like a snake and never letting go. HNGH.

The game pulls no punches when it comes to having you pick a heroine – after a mandatory ero scene with each one of them (and an optional one with either of the two mikos) then a second scene with Tsukimi, the game will prompt you early on as to who to pick. Yes, the branching point comes in early on in this one, and not dragged so far as in other titles. I also like how each scene is very straight to the point and concise – all scenes are just properly composed enough so you find out what you want to know in order to advance the story but not enough to make it dragging or dull. One could argue that it’s because of their single-minded focus to ero that brought about this concentrated attention to detail, and if it is, then hot damn. Good for them!

The biggest point that I have against Sarasara Sasara, however, would be this:

The lack of Mahiru scenes is AN ATROCITY. A HEINOUS BETRAYAL!

Let us remember for a moment Prima Stella. All heroines had an abundance of ero scenes, with two extra ero scenes per heroine, and you also had the nun as an extra heroine. Not to mention the extra 3P scenes, as well as the eroscenes with that girl in the swimming club. That is a SHITLOAD of eroscenes.

Now to Sarasara Sasara. All heroines have an abundance of scenes, true, with only one extra ero scene per heroine (two for Tsukimi), and…an extra scene for the nurse. WHERE IS MY MAHIRU ROUTE?!??!? WHERE IS MY DELICIOUS MAHIRU ICHAICHA?!? I can’t believe it, but AtoKagu’s *gasp* cut down on the ero content! WHYYYY!!!!!

That's Mahiru's sukumizu, so...what, is this ichaicha by proxy? DAMMIT GET HER IN NOW!

And that’s it from me. Between moegasms, strokes, and rage-induced frothing at the mouth while lamenting the lack of Mahiru scenes, this is Hemisphere going back to his precious bishoujo ichaicha time. LATER!

AKBY’s Sexual Rampancy, Pt. the second

By , 10 February, 2009 11:51 AM

Sarasara Sasara. While Atelier Kaguya Berkshire Yorkshire’s naming sense may have degraded during the time between Prima Stella and their new game, their capability for story and their penchant for rampant eroticism has not.

It's always all fluff and rainbows at first...

Sarasara Sasara is about a small village way out in the country called Mikogami. It is an idyllic little town with crop fields situated between mountains and mostly untouched by human civilization – and lately dwindling in population and prosperity. Recently the elders of the village agreed to allow Mikogami to undergo redevelopment by an outside real estate and development company into an actual modern town. The actual process is not yet underway, and the villagers have yet to decide on which of two competing development companies they will entrust their village’s future. And many in the village wonder whether their new home will retain any of the atmosphere and soul that made it special in the first place.

Agatsuma Hiroki is our male protagonist. He is both a student at a university and the young president of his real estate and development company, which is one of the two firms competing for the redevelopment rights of Mikogami village. He leaves the company to his subordinates while he travels to Mikogami under the guise of a student photographer, with the fake identity of Takeda Hiroki, to find out more about the village and to do research on how best to approach the challenge of redevelopment.

Hey there, cute ojou-chan/possible shrine deity, could you raise that leg higher and turn more towards this way?

Turns out there’s more in store than he bargained for. Kagami no Tsukimi is the town’s resident Shinto goddess and protector of the land, and her power has been weakening over time. This is the cause for the town’s recent decline, and if the redevelopment project were to go on as planned, her existence would cease totally, leading to the death of the town as it loses its source of spiritual nourishment. To prevent this, the redevelopment project must be halted.

An impossible request, as Hiroki points out, since people and resources are already in motion for Mikogami’s redevelopment. On the other hand, simply allowing the project to continue would lead to its eventual demise through Tsukimi’s disappearance, so he asks if there is another way.

According to Tsukimi, there is a ceremony of sorts that can be performed over time to separate herself from the land whilst maintaining its spiritual nourishment, or some such. She recruits Hiroki, and two of the heroines, Saori and Aya, to help her complete this ceremony and save the village. What role must Hiroki play in all this?

Need we ask?

AKBY has actually strengthened in story, and Sarasara Sasara’s premise has gone up a few ranks in the interesting meter compared to Prima Stella. The characters aren’t as varied in personalities as Prima Stella’s but each heroine seems to have more character potential. There are many games where conversations feel like they’re dragging and you’re just waiting for the next comedy situation or plot event, but both Sarasara Sasara and Prima Stella have very solid pacing and ability to catch and keep the player’s attention. Each scene and piece of dialogue has a purpose, and no conversation or event is allowed to drag on beyond its intended goal. It’s strange and ironic that a company renowned for producing games that are story-less sexfests would have a rare and excellent command of pacing and keeping the player’s interest that most games fail at. Makes you wonder if they’re really storytelling geniuses in disguise and have been producing sexfests just for kicks or to intentionally trick the audience into a certain perception of AKBY.

Speaking of sex, there’s only one sex scene in the web trial, in which Tsukimi “demonstrates” to Hiroki his “role” in the ceremony to him. Since it’s the very first h-scene in the game, it’s light on length and comparatively light on intensity compared to some of Prima Stella’s best h-scenes, but don’t worry. The sensual dialogue, raunchy sound effects, glorious art, and the sheer sexiness of it all that sets AKBY apart from everyone else still exists in Sarasara Sasara and has not diminished one bit. And while the h-scene in the web trial isn’t that long, it does reveal that our protagonist is a cute little tsundere deep inside. It’s also where Tsukimi reveals that she has taken a genuine liking to him and makes her little declaration of war, which will drive you people CRAZY. It is such a delightful and erotic foretelling of things to come in the full game; very clever of AKBY I should say.

In conclusion, AKBY seems well on the road to becoming a stronger creator of story-based ero-games while maintaining that AKBY touch of ero we have come to love. There is much to look forward to, both in this game and further in AKBY’s future.

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