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Time to Rejoice

By , 31 January, 2010 12:40 PM

This one’s gonna be about my impressions on Kiss to Maou, Yumina FD and Shapeshifter. Finished Sarasa’s route and currently in Lyce’s in Kiss to Maou, finished Yumina FD, AND completed both Nhatya’s and Ahes’ routes!

First, we've got the lamest Maou ever... Next, some dungeon grinding! AND THEN SOME DELISHUZ NHATYA FOLLOWED BY SOME SUCCULENT AHES

And when I say the lamest Maou ever, he totally is. Sheesh. Kiss to Maou to Darjeeling is Marmalade’s latest offering, and it’s got the most uninteresting typical harem lead there is. Basically the whole game’s about the lead (who is so dull that I already forgot his name) who decides to take a rest in an underground coffin only to wake up, go back to his dormitory room, find out that the student council president’s waiting for him there, calls him “Maou”, and promptly stabs him later when he refuses to believe her. Yeah, it’s just one of those days, it can happen to anyone.

Don’t try to make sense of the plot, because I sure as hell didn’t. First and foremost is that this is a character game, much like Lyrical Lyric, so unless you like the gorgeous ladies (or the trap), don’t bother picking up Kiss to Maou. The “Maou” element in the story is pretty much a convenient plot device, much like Lyrical Lyric’s “Tuner” concept; and much like the “Tuner” concept, the “Maou” concept barely gets used in an interesting manner. Which was too bad because I expected more from the whole thing, seeing as it’s about a MAOU and all: see the Maous of Eushully’s games, now those dudes don’t fuck around. Well, they do, in order to gain mana mostly BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT THE POINT IS Kiss to Maou fails the Maou aspect too, so if you were intrigued by that, then know early on that this game hardly makes use of the Maou thing to its full potential – or, for that matter, barely any potential at all.

But hey, if you want some sweet fuckans with some gorgeous heroines, then Kiss to Maou delivers! Somewhat. While the sexy action’s all got nice CG working out for them, some of the CGs are pretty lazy.

Mmmm...tasty Sarasa... Always up for some Sarasa seconds! Everyone knows libraries are good for fuckans! FUCKANS THE WHOLE NIGHT AWAY
Mmmmmmm...delishuz Lyce... HELL YES I'D LIKE SOME MORE LYCE! AND She knows she wants it AND SHE WANTS IT BADLY

Next is Yumina’s fandisc, Yumina FD -ForeverDreams-. There’s not really much to it. Did you wish you could enjoy the company of those goofy classmate in Yumina via more events and? Then you get more events! Wanted to put them in your party too? There you go! Want some new interesting and delishuz chaarcters? No problem? Want these characters in your party too? FUCK OFF! Which is a damn shame, because I know I’d like to see more of Rumine, Eru and Lily, really…

Chapter 1 might just be all about the election rematch, but once that’s done, get your butt ready for GRINDANS, GRINDANS, GRINDANS AND MORE DUNGEON GRINDANS in Chapter 3 onwards. Did you really think that just because its a fandisc, that this one would take up less time? HA! Still grindtastic like the original! And just like Yumina, the events with the various characters had me laughing pretty hard. GO DO-M NO AYUMU! And the Graham Aker reference, among other things, is awesome.

The student council presidents, side by side... Want some candy?! MIKO POWER GO! HEY, SHE STUDIED FOR THIS OKAY

Lastly, Shapeshifter. The progression for Shapeshifter is similar to Owarinaki Natsu, in that you follow a common route (with subtle dialogue differences depending on which options you choose) up to an event, after which you follow your chosen heroine’s route up to her ending. You’ve got around 5 to 7 chapters for the common route, I forgot exactly, but they didn’t seem that long to me. Then again Itsusora didn’t seem that long to me either when I was going after my beloved San-nee back then, so…your mileage will definitely vary. The plot for Shapeshifter isn’t as dramatic or melancholy as Owarinaki Natsu was, though it contains more humor and definitely tons more action. Me, I liked seeing the action as well as the love comedy; thanks to phi-age’s cinematic presentation, the action easily comes to life unlike in other eroges. Plus, hey, it’s bishoujos with weapons, what else could make me happier?

All the characters are pretty likable, and I know that I went nuts with Nhatya just from what I’ve seen of her in the two trials that phi-age released back then, but maaaaan. I wasn’t expecting Ahes to be that…that…moe. She is just way too awesome; her weapons, her clothes, and more particularly her attitudes and behavior. WAIFU 発見! Plus, her seiyuu is the same one who voiced Ai in Owarinaki Natsu, and hearing her voice a kuudere is hilarious (as she voiced a tsundere in Owarinaki Natsu) as well as downright ridiculously irresistibly adorable! Of course, it’s a given that I still have dibs on Nhatya!

Ahes is awesome AND badass! You do not want to fuck with Ahes! Actually I DO wanna fuck with Ahes AND WITH NHATYA TOO!
Time to make some royal heirs! Don't forget Illdana! Or Aretha! Yohko too!

Next on the list: Kagura Gakuenki, Seirei Tenshou and Yunibaru! Till next time, SARABA AND ADIEU!

Shapeshifter, Round 2!

By , 11 January, 2010 1:22 AM

Picking up from what Newprimus said about Shapeshifter and it’s lead heroine Natia, yes. She broke what little moe defenses I thought I had – no, utterly CRUSHED them with impunity – and left me a raving, babbling incoherent lunatic devoid of anything but praise, adoration and worship (which is business as usual, really, but hey she did it in record time!). Oh Natia, why must you be so awesome? ;_;

Any game with bishoujos with big ass awesome weapons is ALWAYS AWESOME.

Oh, I came into Shapeshifter’s trial thinking I had adequately prepared myself after reading through Newprimus’ post, but it soon dawned on me that I underestimated his assessment of Natia’s…lethal assets. Her first appearance captivated me in no time at all, and the succeeding events highlighting her virtues and her sword prowess only served to further my growing affection. Oh gawd, a totally gorgeous bishoujo with a sword and then a BIG freaking sword, who prides herself on her honor, AND is a mahou senshi? I was downed in no time flat, and was left wanting for more. Much more. Then the apple pie scene came up, and while I was left laughing, my fondness for her just kept on building after seeing Natia’s goofiness in action.

Then I saw Natia in her natural, wondrous splendor. Words cannot even begin to describe it, only that it was as if I had suddenly been in a desert all my life, with the oasis I had been searching for all these years appearing before me as if from a fever dream. A bishoujo being that utterly delishuz should be a crime, for christ’s sakes. ;_;

With the first trial’s mix of mystery, action, and humor and let’s not forget DELISHUZ NEKKID NATIA IN ALL HER GLORY, I jumped straight into the second trial, wanting more of what Shapeshifter – and delishuz Natia – had to offer. Unfortunately, the second trial wasn’t as linear or as Natia-centric as the first one, but oh my lord, the sight that greeted me…

Sent me into seizures... And had me crying tears of joy whilst begging for MORE.

The moment Natia wearing that seifuku showed up on my screen, I swear my heart almost stopped right then and there. I just froze and sat there, mouth agape, wondering to myself just how possible it was for a heroine to be so…so…delishuz. I could not find any answers to the question I posed to myself – rather, my mind refused to think up any possible reason, or do anything at all, only appreciating the delishuz moeliciousness of Natia.

While it didn’t have enough Natia as I wanted AS THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE MORE NATIA, YES INDEED MORE NATIA FOR NATIA IS THE BEST, NATIA IS LIFE, NATIA IS LOVE, NATIA IS MOE, the second trial served as more of an introduction for the other heroines to appear in the story, namely Irudana, Aresa, and Aies. It’s also got TONS of hilarious scenes in it, and they were just absolutely entertaining to go through! The other heroines are adorable and oh-so-delishuz, but compared to Natia, why bother looking at the stars when you’ve got the sun right there in your grasp?

...That lucky bastard... HOME RUN SMASH! Here's the form... And now the dismount!

Classroom shenanigans, wacky hijinks and love comedy abound! You’ve also got some action in the scenes with Aies near the end of the trial, but oh man. Both trials have succeeded in whetting my appetite for the final product, and I tell you, Jan. 29 just feels like its oh so near, and yet oh so far.

WAGA ZANKANTOU NI, TATENU MONO NASHI! This seriously reminds me of Dante's Pandora. Featuring the awesome loli Aresa (tongue lashing not included)! Now here's Aresa in her combat form, wielding her Goldi-I mean, PikoPiko Hammer!

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