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Trial and Tribulations

By , 5 December, 2009 6:41 PM

Alright, let’s get this show on the road! It’s definitely been a while. Everyone might be busy playing Baldr Sky Dive 2 as of the moment, but not me seeing as I still need to free up fuckton of disk space orz!

I tried out the trial for Moonstone Cherry’s Ichapuri!, which is slated to be released this Dec. 18, just recently, even though it’s been out for a while now. The premise? You’re a dude from this exclusively rich family, only your dad lucked out and fucked up with the family company so he gets expelled, along with you and your sister. The trial starts off with Kagurazaka Masaki, the dude you’re playing as, getting kidnapped only to be brought before your grandfather, who explains in a nutshell that he wants you to marry one of your cousins in order to propagate the family line. There’s some strings attached to it, like your mother remarrying your father in order to get him back in the family so you can be in the family’s good graces despite the objection of some people, but hey. When you’ve got cousins like these…

Barring the meido, those are some utterly delishuz cousins...

Mmmmmm…must propagate the family line, eh? Consider my curiosity and my boner piqued! COME ‘ERE COUSINS, SUM DELISHUZ LOVIN AWAITS YA-

After finishing the trial, I was fairly amused. I think this is Moonstone’s way of unwinding and just coming out with a game that they’re not trying to take too seriously – as evident with the self-effacing references, in-jokes and gags that abound. It’s not Osananajimi wa Daitouryou-levels of parody and insanity, but it’s still hilarious. It’s like, after coming out with titles such as Gift and MajiSuki, Moonstone took a step back and went “Okay you guys, FUCK IT! I’m tired of making too much serious shit, it’s time to take a step back and come up with something lighthearted and fairly amusing, but will still sell good! So let’s come up with a somewhat plausible story that’ll allow for tons of ichaicha to happen!” And thus Ichapuri! was conceived.

Plus, you’ve got a lead who’s totally sold to the idea of doing tons of delishuz fuckings with his cousins – well, actually, not just his cousins, but females in general. Now there’s a totally honest dude! The whole “rich people living in a grand tower” thing reminds me of Ar tonelico for some reason, though…anyways, here’s some sample CGs from the trial itself!

While the other pics below are from the site itself.

Definitely looking out for this come Dec. 18.

For the other titles that I’m looking forward too, they’re different from the other titles in my list because they have gameplay incorporated in them! That’s talking about Xuse’ Seirei Tenshou and Softhouse Chara’s Shinobi Ryuu, both also coming out on the 18th. Shinobi Ryuu’s, trial is out for download though I haven’t grabbed it myself thanks to friggin’ ECO and delishuz lolis, but it’s safe to say that if you’ve played Suzukuri Dragon, Ouzoku and Wizard’s Climber then Shinobi Ryuu might just be up your alley. For Seirei Tenshou, Xuse has a trailer movie up for download as well as some CGs up. Dibs on the White and Blue Spirits (cause I know Newprimus has a thing for the Black Spirit)! The move to produce Seirei Tenshou reminds me too much of Xuse’s similar strategy with Supitan – release an afterstory involving all the subcharacter Spirits with a drastically new system in place for gameplay. In Supitan it was a radicalized RPG system, now in SeiTen it’s an STG!

So that makes Shinobi Ryuu, Seirei Tenshou and Baldr Sky Dive 2 as eroges that are guaranteed to take up the month of December with gameplay…and then there’s the Grindans Tenkuu no Yumina fandisk in January (you can grab the trial from here)! FUCK!

Then on to the games I’ve dabbled a bit in. They’ve been out for a while now, but still worth looking into if you’re into these things!

First is G.J?’s Hime to Boin. This is my first foray into G.J?’s titles, and I have to say that it’s worth looking into! The premise is that you’re some dude who gets abducted by a maid and taken to another world through your goddamn closet, where you are to act as a replacement prince. The maid decided to kidnap you and use you as the replacement prince because you were the only one who closely resembled the prince. As to where the original prince is, well, he’s sealed behind a magic mirror for being too – well, think of Rance, only much worse. That should give you an idea of just how bad this prince was.

Of course, the maid didn’t kidnap you and plan for you to act as the prince’s replacement for no reason! No, sirree. You are to choose from six princesses who have been sent out of “goodwill” to your kingdom, which means you can do anything you please with them. Since no one else knows that the prince has been sealed away aside from the maid and the king, the other kingdoms sent these princesses to act on their behalf…so the prince doesn’t fuck them over real bad once he becomes king, if some of his antics made it clear.

Playing this one just to find out what the hell that crazy prince did to get him sealed away is part of the reason why you should play this game. The other reasons would be the gorgeous art and the pretty ladies, which should come as natural! It’s fairly hilarious, too, and you’ve got at least one or two animated ichaicha scenes with every heroine.

It’s not humiliation or training, so if you’re thinking that Hime to Boin is that sort of title, then you’re mistaken. It does have good ichaicha with nice sprinklings of humor, and I’ve found myself enjoying the time I spent playing it (didn’t progress far though). Plus, the princess are pretty awesome, as they;ve all got their archetypal quirks. There’s the tsundere with a strong inferiority complex regarding her boobs, the dojikko princess who wants to try her best to please, the outwardly curious princess who wants to know all there is to know about sex (and consequently try out all there is to know), etc. Just hilarious…and it makes for varied H scenes with each princess, which is an added bonus!

Next is Mikodashi, a title by Chain Reaction…which is a doujin company. For a doujin game it’s very good! It’s so good, in fact, that C:drive took that and two other titles by said company and released them in a pack, because they’re more popular than C:drive’s Stella Eques series…which made me laugh.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that mikodashi involves fucking. A lot of fucking. With mikos. Yep. You’re basically to choose between two mikos, as they vie for your penis compete to achieve a ritual that’s rooted in the folklore of their village. Said ritual is achieved via fucking and then ejaculating inside the miko tons of sperm…hey, it makes for a good excuse to fuck ‘em high and dry, I guess! It really doesn’t get any simpler than that, so don’t think that it will.

So you are basically asked, during certain intervals in the game, who to do and what to do with that miko. Scenes involving a heroine will pop up after these intervals, showing you which miko has the highest affection with you and which ending you’re possibly heading towards.

Funny thing was when I took a look at this title via Chain Reaction’s website at first, I was all hyped up and eager to play this one thanks to the loli miko being voiced by Aoba Ringo…since Ringo does tsundere tsurupettan lolis so well, haha. Yes, I still cannot get over her voicing of Shirogane no Soleil’s Sol Valkyr and Chouko Sennin Haruka’s Shihoudo Narika, among her other roles which left that deep an impression on me. But once I started playing it, I actually ended up liking the osananajimi miko Haruna much more! HNGH! There’s just something in Haruna’s character that takes you by surprise beneath that meek and docile exterior, and once she brings it out, BAM! Consider yourself going “Haruna moe~”, cause I know I did. The catfights between the two mikos can be pretty funny, as well as some pre-H scene dialogues. The two mikos are adorable enough, what with their own personality quirks, but really, Haruna > that loli miko. By a mile. I’m sorry, but even Ringo-tan can’t overcome Haruna moe. It’s just…;_;

If you’re after some moelishuz miko loving, then you might wanna give Mikodashi a try!

Last is a title that, I swear, was purely meant to satisfy my goddamn fetish for bishoujos with big, bad weapons. MBS Truth -Deep Blue-’s Valkyrie Choukyuu, involves 10 utterly delicious Valkyrie sisters, all with various weapons, clad in armors that, while Valkyrie-inspired, also emphasize their luscious curves and bodies more. Yeah, I think this was totally made for me – which explains why I grabbed it the moment it came out, hahaha.

Just lookie dat! DELISHUZ, really!

The gist of Valkyrie Choukyuu is that you’re Grim, a Valkyrie who was born a man – which was never meant to be, as it was an ill-fated omen. So you were banished off to Midgard, and down there you befriended a human girl. One time while practicing the magic used to switch bodies, a Valkyrie who was sent down to Midgard killed your friend as said Valkyrie assumed that it was you, not knowing that you were actually using her body while it was your friend in your body. The Valkyrie then detects another Valkyrie in the presence – which turns out to be you, Grim, only you’re in a female body now. Confused, she takes you back to Valhalla where you are raised to be a Valkyrie, with the memory of this tragedy sealed away, and you now go by the name of Grimgerde.

All seems well, until the latest attack from Fenrir rattles some memories within Grimgerde, and with a little help from Siegrune, you get your memory and consequently your ability to change back into your male body…don’t ask how that became possible because I sure as hell forgot. So now you’ve got two options: take your revenge on Valhalla and fulfill this “omen” that you were supposed to carry out, or let Fenrir do it for you by capturing your sisters and humiliating them the best way they know how – and the game prompts you with these options before every chapter, so don’t worry about missing either of the two.

The thing is that each of the Valkyrie sisters carry a “key” inside each of them, which can only be resonated to via fucking the sweet living bejeezus out of them. So you can fuck the living bejeezus out of them as Grim and take over Valhalla, or let Fenrir fuck the living bejeezus out of your sisters, only as Grimgerde you might get dragged into the whole “LET’S TAKE OVER VALHALLA AND RAPE THE EVERLIVING SHIT OUT OF THEM VALKYRIES!” plan that Fenrir espouses so wholeheartedly.

Now this one involves humiliation and training, whether it be done from the perspective of Grim or of Fenrir. Humor takes a backseat in this one…unless you count how retarded Fenrir can get. The game even gives you the option to shave the pubes of each heroine during their initial H scenes, which I found hilarious.

While it has tons of nice H scenes, the expositions during battle scenes were quite meh. It’s just the same old generic enemy sprites being cut down by the same effects and howling the same howl over and over again, and if you keep choosing Grim’s scenes, Fenrir is just one hilariously horny idiot crew. I was expecting some nice fighting thanks to all these bishoujo Valkyries outfitted with weapons, but ah well…real good H scenes though!

And if you’re interested, it’s going to have an eroanime as well, by PoRo. From the looks of it, it’s going to involve four out of the ten sisters…which isn’t bad! Gerhilde looks way younger than she should from the preview pics, but hey, it’s all good. Color me excited for this one, as even though I’m not too into eroanime, delishuz Valkyries are too difficult to resist!

Goddamn I think that’s the most number of images I’ve made in a single post. Not that I’m sure, but whatever…I owe you guys a lot for being inactive for this long! Don’t hesitate to get my attention or something when you see me in ID ECO! If you see the ring name Revelations and some name in katakana, that’s most likely me, hahaha.


Welp, I’m off! Torn between continuing with one of the three aforementioned eroge, or going with Container 5 hunting in ECO…let the devil decide on that one!

つくもの ~やどりぎロマンス~

By , 8 May, 2009 1:12 PM

The Xuse staff huddle together inside their office/castle/bunker to discuss what black magic to unleash next upon the world now that Seinarukana has had its run. Somehow the subject of tentacles comes up.

Xuse Chief: Hmmm, what do people usually think when they hear the word ‘tentacles?’

Awkward silence for a few moments.

Xuse Staff 1: Eh, schoolgirls getting raped at random?

Xuse Chief: Mm hm.

Xuse Staff 2: Dark, torture-themed games?

Xuse Chief: Keep going.

Xuse Staff 3: Body distortions? Violence and horror? No romantic atmosphere whatsoever?

Xuse Chief: You are all right. That’s why our next game will be a pure-love tentacle romance!

Long awkward silence.

Whole Xuse Staff: EEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH?!?!?!?!?

A conversation similar to the above probably took place at some point during the time between Seinarukana and Tsukumono, and the idea likely boggled the mind just as much. When one thinks tentacles they usually think of endless wriggling masses of slimy, semen-spewing appendages enveloping hapless schoolgirls and plunging themselves into every orifice, driving the victims mad with waves of ecstasy and horror, leaving them sex-starved shadows of their former selves. Heroes are defeated or killed. Heroines are enslaved in a wet tempest of sex. What little romance exists is crushed under a wave of beastly lust and demonic hedonism, and good endings are an endangered, if not extinct species in the realm of tentacle sex.

So how does one turn such a ghastly, loveless fetish into a romantic, character and plot-driven story? Or rather, what could’ve possessed Xuse to even think of such a thing in the first place? I know not who or what their muse was, but I do know one thing after finishing the game.

It worked.

First impressions are important, hence the cheeriness.

Tsukumono ~Yadorigi Romance~ is a testament and triumph to the idea that not only can you make porn out of anything, but that you can also make a romantic story out of it. Well, I don’t know how a guro or vore romance would work out, but looks like tentacles has surpassed that daunting barrier separating dark fetish and warm romance. Of course Tsukumono has some dark elements and events as well, but the overall atmosphere and theme of the game is bright and positive.

Well-equipped, garbed, and ready for his journey into sex pervertdom.

You are Kyouzaki Meguru, the lone survivor of a terrible car accident that claimed the lives of your beloved family: your parents and older sister. A relative’s family took you in and you’ve been living under their care every since. In the present you are an ordinary high school student living together with your older cousin, Sugiuchi Sae, who is also a language and classics teacher at your school. She takes care of you as a guardian, and makes sure to see not only to your needs but to your education as well. Miyakura Amane is your energetic if figure-wise lacking osanajimi and president of the art club, into which you were involuntarily drafted in the past by Amane and Sae. Occasionally you are harassed and teased by another older cousin, Kyouzaki Misuzu, who is currently a loitering, good-for-nothing with no care for the world or the future NEET sponging money off of her parents and causing trouble in general for everyone around her. Also attending school is classmate Ono Kanatsu, a quiet, mysterious girl; the glamour model and teen idol, Kishida Shiina; and her #1 fan and, for lack of a better description, dog Kudou An. Side characters include aspiring athlete and best friend with a girly face Someni Taiki, science teacher and Sae’s current boyfriend Yasunaga Souichi, and your homeroom teacher and art club advisor, Okakura Yui.

A strange wind blows through the town one day. Nothing seems to come of it other than you being bedridden with a fever the next day. From that time forward you occasionally hear a strange voice inside your head. You reluctantly join an art-related excursion one day only to fall into a deep hole when no one else is around. All seems hopeless when the voice in your head returns, offering to save your life if you pledge servitude to it. With no other options, you hastily agree and are somehow pulled out of the hole by a unseen, mysterious presence. That night, the voice returns, and the owner reveals himself:

Maro de-ojyaru.

Well it could be worse. You could have Hemisphere of all people sticking out of your back.

Thus starts you life together with a tentacle creature called Maro. And how is it, you may ask? The answer, at least from my impression and experience, is darned impressive. From the pits of tentacle fetish arises a moving story with plot, emotions, and a wonderful cast of characters. It’s not as intricate and deep as a Key or Typemoon game, but it’s a massive cut above the vast majority and sits amongst a prestigious group of games that sits just a small level below masterpiece rank. Tsukumono is not merely a game that makes a story out of the tentacle genre. It’s also a terrific game.

The cast of characters is especially great, and the primary reason why is because they are not squeaky clean. Majority of romance ero-game heroines and characters are one-cut stereotypes with simplistic, bright and cheery personalities. Some may have dark sides, but those lie distinctly separated from the rest of the person and rise to the surface only by plot. Tsukumono’s characters have flaws that are visible and present in their words and actions throughout the course of the story. There is a dirty feeling to some of the characters, and that dirtiness adds so much depth and interest. They often evoke distaste and in some cases downright hatred, but it’s of the good kind.

As for the plot, it’s superb but quality varies greatly amongst the routes which is one of the reasons why this game isn’t a masterpiece. On one end of the scale you have Kanatsu’s route, which I felt was tepid, while on the other end you have Sae’s which is completely mind-blowingly AWESOME. Some of the routes also share an event that is portrayed with different intensities. I usually subscribe to the save the best for last approach, but then because of the shared event you might experience it with low intensity and meaning compared to from one of the better routes, which means that when you get to the better route that same event no longer has the intended full impact because you’ve already experienced a weaker version of it. These reasons and some more make recommending a route play order exceedingly difficult.

The routes from strongest to weakest are:

1. Sae

2. Shiina and An

3. Amane

4. Misuzu

5. Kanatsu

I can’t offer a solid recommendation for a play order, but here are some general rules:

1. Kanatsu’s route only somewhat diminishes the ending for Shiina and An’s route, but doesn’t affect the other routes. Additionally the joy of Shiina’s and An’s route is in the middle and right up to the ending, so I wouldn’t really worry about when to play Kanatsu’s route.

2. Shiina and An’s route should definitely be played later because you need enough experience and exposure to these two with the other routes so that their own has maximum impact. This route and Kanatsu’s do not feature that shared event I mentioned.

3. Sae’s route is the most epic and has an incredibly awesome ending with superb buildup and tension, so if you want to end the game with an amazing bang, this is the last to play.

4. Amane’s route tells the most about Maro as a character, and has the most intense and emotional version of the shared event I mentioned earlier. You may want to play this earlier if you want to experience that event with full impact, but at the same time this one tells the most about Maro so you might also want to play this later after having experienced Maro sufficiently.

5. Misuzu’s route has a very weak version of the shared event, so be aware of that when deciding when to play this route.

Snake, not so solid but sneakier than ever!

I’m planning on making in-depth, spoiler-filled posts on the overall story and the characters sometime in the future. In the meantime, Tsukumono ~Yadorigi Romance~ is a fresh and surprising look on the tentacle genre, and also a great game in its own right. It goes to show indeed that not all tentacle monsters are bad after all!

聖なるかな Review

By , 8 December, 2008 12:08 AM

This is what made Seinarukana worth it. Seriously.

Because it deserves to be repeated: The above is what made Seinarukana worth it.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally decided to get off my lazy ass and review Seinarukana. So here we go!

Narukana-sama is clearly displeased at the lack of eroero with her.

Seinarukana is the spiritual successor to Eien no Aselia, one of Xuse’s popular titles. If you need a briefer on what it’s about, you can check the related posts section in the sidebar to your right. But if you’re too lazy, here’s what to expect from this title: high school students end up in a different world, find out they were gods from a previous life, gain magical swords and powers, then travel to various worlds in an attempt to return to their original world only to embark in a quest that wold ultimately save every world they came across. Tak about an unflattering summary right there, but it’s barebones and its direct to the point! The first title was much simpler in that regard: Yuuto, Eien no Aseria’s lead, ended up in only one world (Phantasmagoria), and he spent the bulk of his adventures there. Seinarukana’s Nozomu and friends, on the other hand, travelled to various worlds, gathering comrades along the way, and had a much grander scope in terms of the scale of their travails than Yuuto’s. But as to whether Seinarukana is as fun as, or even better than, Eien no Aselia, that’s up to personal taste to decide.

Since I’ve already covered the preliminary stuff like the prologue and the premise of the game in previous entries, I’ll skip all the introductory stuff and jump straight to my impressions. The gameplay is quite fun and engaging, and is my most favorite aspect of the game. The combat is easy to get into, provided that you actually paid attention to the tutorials and briefings, the interface is intuitive and the system isn’t as complex as one might think. It all boils down to assigning people in either groups or one-man armies, killing minions in order to gain mana, then using that mana to either build structures or level up your people – no traditional EXP levelling to be done here – while trying to reach a rank of A and higher in order to get the extra Mana and Permanent Will rewards.

If this was an AliceSoft game, THIS would be part of your reward for obtaining S Ranks...(I want...)

If you choose to go after ranks A and S, it can be make for some challenge as the point consraints are strict, though the fun in this one lies in planning ahead with formations, skills and paths to take in order to meet the high-rank conditions. Another fun to be had in the combat system are the battle dialogues – I guarantee you, listening to Narukana-sama’s lines can make for a very hilarious and entertaining experience. It’s one of the reasons why I always charge head-on with her as my one-man army, as aside from her being ridiculously overpowered, her lines make it all the more worth it.

Most of the complaints over the gameplay portion of Seinarukana can all be summarized by a single statement: “I can’t understand Japanese“. The game outlines the function of each skill whenever you double-click on it in the Skills menu, which is handy when it comes to choosing which of them to use. That, alond with the enemy’s skills being visible before you decide to engage them makes setting up skills easy – if anything, skills set-up is too easy in Seinarukana. Some people however forget that they’re playing a Japanese game made for Japanese players, which is the reason why you get complaints like “the skills set-up is too stupid”, “only limited movesets and combinations available”, and “not enough freedom when it comes to skill allocation against bosses”, and “skills are stupid as I don’t know what they do”, among other things. But that’s a different topic for a different discussion (as I’ve seen complaints such as those over Ikusa Megami 0, Ousoku, Sengoku Rance, Toushin Toushi 3, Daibanchou, Pastel Chime Continue, and other games).

While the combat can be redundant after a while, as all your strategies would eventually end up to something such as Build Sands of Time -> charge in and kill every enemy on the way -> fight boss -> end Chapter, trying to get Ranks S or A breaks the monotony as it involves some degree of planning ahead, as I’ve mentioned before. Also, having to go through six routes through three difficulty levels might seem like a chore (and it is), the route-only skills for the heroines make it worth your while, with bonus skills being available only in the hardest difficulty. I do wish they added in something like extra bonus battles, though, just to make add some more fun and replayability to the combat system. Mix and match boss battles would have been nice – imagine fighting against three bosses in the same group!

Primordial One! (puts up Protection-based defense)

Storyline-wise, Seinarukana follows on some of the story elements that Eien no Aselia left off, such as the war between the Law and Chaos Eternals, the importance of the Shinkens and Mana as well their importance to the story. It also builds up on some of them, like how the reincarnated bodies of gods are the only ones to have Shinkens, that the world that Yuuto and Nozomi came from are part of a World Tree, along with there being other World Trees in existence, and how there exists Naru Mana, Mana’s counterexistence (think antimatter to matter). While they made for interesting and entertaining additions to the story, I couldn’t help but think how all of the events in Seinarukana, up to its ending, were simply a buildup to the ultimately escalating war between the two warring Eternal factions. With Nozomu, Narukana-sama, and Satsuki as the only Naru Eternals, they are both a threat as well as a definite advantage to both sides (as was said in the fandisc), depending on who gets to recruit or kill them. Then you’ve also got the Brigade, a group that is most likely to side with the Chaos Eternals out of principle, though their ties to Nozomu and the rest might sway them differently. While a good buildup to Eien no Aselia 3, it’s unfortunate because its possible that the series is now officially dead.

Seinarukana’s story is decent, just that it tends to get predictable most of the time. During the first half, most of your time will be spent travelling to various worlds and encountering the same pattern: figure out where they are -> figure out what the problem is in this world -> get in trouble -> go off to fight a baddie or two -> receive some information on where to go next -> leave this world and go to the next. While the structure may be predictable, the series of events in each world are not – Katima’s world is embroiled in a rebellion, Ruptna’s world faces a crisis between the humans and the spirits, Naya’s world faces the Harbingers of Light, Subaru’s world is on the verge of death, and Zetsu’s world is already ruined – as well as their reasons for visiting those worlds. For Katima’s world, their visit there was mandatory as they had already been propelled there after Nozomu’s awakening, while for Ruptna’s, it was a case of mistaken coordinates. For Naya’s world, they were supposed to receive the coordinates for Nozomu’s original world there but instead got involved in the war against the Harbingers of Light, and for Subaru’s world, they went there following Zetsu’s instructions in order for Nozomu to regain Jiruoru’s lost power. In Zetsu’s world was where the final confrontation between Nozomu and Zetsu was to occur, only the Keepers of the World Tree showed up to foil Zetsu’s plans.

Not as planned, Zetsu. Not as planned.

From that point on the game takes a vastly different turn, from trying to get back to their home world to actively participating in the fight against the Harbingers of Light and the Keepers of the World Tree. While the shift in motivation happens as early as Naya’s world, they did not so much as actively make a move against their enemies so much as they were simply following hints left behind by Zetsu. After the events in Zetsu’s world, the story chooses to focus from trying to get back home to the actual meat of Seinarukana: the history behind the World Tree, its creation, the Gods that were behind it, and the mystery behind Jiruoru and why just about everyone both fears and despises him. It is at this point that most players get sucked in to the story of Seinarukana, including myself. It’s engaging, and everything that has been foreshadowed about in the previous events all tie up to explain most of the questions surrounding the game at that point, and depending on the heroine that you pursue, everything would eventually be revealed. I could think up some additional questions though, like: why did Rogas seal up Narukana-sama in the World Tree, what would happen to Euphoria now that she is a Law Eternal, and how would Narukana-sama eventually complete herself? Though I suppose that these would only be build-up for the (now-nonexistent) Eien no Aselia 3.

The various routes available for each heroine makes for interesting diversity in the story as it helps flesh out their routes and characters, culminating in a happy and satisfactory ending for each of them. Characters like Ruptna, Katima, Naya and Nozomi get different endings of their own that vary wildly in content, while Satsuki’s and Narukana-sama’s endings overlap on certain elements due to their shared connection. Overall I much preferred both Satsuki and Narukana-sama’s endings over the rest, with Narukana-sama’s being my favorite route and ending, because of their complications and the continuity that their endings offered. Again, too bad there’s possibly no more Eien No Aselia 3 – because both of these endings were buildups to it.

Naru conversion! A painful process, but with love, I'm sure it's going to be all right...

For the characters, I loved most of the cast. They’ve all got their own unique quirks and personalities to set themselves apart. Satsuki-senpai is flirty, teasing and awesome in combat with her levelheadedness, Nozomi’s all devoted to Nozomu and his welfare even though she’s the reincarnation of Jiruoru’s eternal enemy, Euphoria is just absolutely adorable and too cute to even resist, and Narukana-sama is a demanding egotistical princess who loves being pampered and praised. What’s not to like? Both in and out of battle, most of the characters ae just wonderfully entertaining. I say most, because like it or not, you can end up totally liking some of the cast and forgetting about the rest. Not because they’re just not memorable enough, but because they’re basically just excuses for the plot to present some sort of development for Nozomu.

The easiest example to point that out would be with Subaru. His character’s purpose was for his relationship with Shou to provide a contrast with the relationship that Nozomu and Zetsu. Not that much of a stretch, especially seeing that the game bothers to point that out several times, with Nozomu himself even saying it. And after the events in his world, the guy does nothing of value at all, only butting in conversations to point out the glaringly obvious. Ruptna falls under the same boat, as her character was there to foreshadow the threat that Jiruoru presents as well as present how the Harbingers of Light operated with their Minions production. I’d go as far to say that Naya falls under the same category, but due to her arbitrary designation of being the Brigade’s sub commander, she’s spared from that fate (as she does take action every once in a while, particularly when Salles seceeded from the group). Characters that are only relevant when they are used as an excuse to further the story and/or development of others and then discarded shortly after makes me not like them much because it gives me this impression that they’re just tacked on.

You might be hot and all Ruptna, and I do have a thing for fighting mikos with kick attacks...but you're really not that important when compared to the other heroines. :<

The voice acting is top notch, with some of my favorite seiyuus making their performances in the game totally memorable, like Ayano Shirai or Isshiki Hikaru! Their many lines and the range of the emotions that they cover, from anger to hilarity, makes listening to them totally worth it. I’d say that all of the voice acting in Seinarukana is good. For the music, it’s able to convey a feel of grandness and of an epic adventure, so it fits in quite nicely. The battle tracks are all good, though a complaint that I have with it is that they all end up sounding rather similar once you’ve heard them enough times.

Overall, I’d say that Seinarukana is a very entertaining game, and worth looking into if you’ve got a thing for stories like these. It can suck you in if you give it a chance, and it’s got some gameplay to go along with it to totally make your experience of the game as entertaining as possible. It’s good, but it’s not as emotionally-engaging as Eien no Aselia was (depite EnA’s ridiculous CG QUALITY and unbalanced gameplay). It can be a fun ride should you choose to strap yourself in, and even better if you haven’t played the first game yet as you wouldn’t be burdened by unreasonable expectations!

Narukana-sama. MUCH LOVE!

As an aside, those needing help in Seinarukana can find it here, while those looking for per-Chapter translations can find them here. Enjoy!

This also made Seinarukana worth it.

Seinarukana Translations!

By , 14 August, 2008 3:12 PM

This’ll be a quick one. If you guys have been looking for translations of Seinarukana for quite some time now, then I recommend this site for you guys. He’s been posting his translations for a while now, and if you’ve always been interested in Seinarukana but couldn’t be bothered to learn Japanese, then this is the next best thing!

I highly recommend checking it out just to get an idea of what happens in each Chapter, as well as how the world of Seinarukana works and the various terminologies involved.

If you find his entries and translations handly, please do leave a message thanking the guy for his efforts! It’s the least you can do, after all, it’s not like he’s doing it for anything.

I’ve been planning to post about this for a long-assed while now, but it took someone from AnimeSuki to finally remind me. Kudos!

QUIZ Icha Icha!

By , 31 July, 2008 2:49 AM

In Seinarukana Special Fandisc, NO ONE IS SAFE! No one!

After briefly trying out the Assort part of the game, I went ahead and tried out the quiz, and…oh wow. Hahaha. Some of the portions there are rather hilarious, like Narukana-sama having a temper tantrum in the miko‘s scenario, while some are just completely catered towards you boning the girl you chose. Then again, it’s somewhat balanced out by the quiz portion that you have to go through before you can even indulge in the ichaicha-ing.

Admittedly, I did find above dog girl cute ever since I encountered her in Seinarukana, though that was because of her slightly sarcastic nature. I’ve yet to see the rest of the girls’ scenes, but I’m thinking that they’re going to be pretty similar. Convenient set-up for an H scene with just you and the heroine all alone, and wham. It’s not like you can blame fandiscs for that one, as by its nature, it is intended to be for fans, so it’d be reasonable to expect fan pandering present. Especially in the form of ero scenes.

Not that I’m complaining. It’s just that the ero can be rather awkward. But ah well! REHME WAS HOT, AND SO ARE THE OTHER FINE LADIES (omg want more Ruptna, Katima, Satsuki and Narukana h scenes plz).

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